Twitter Brings Massive Traffic to Popular E Cigarette Company

Twitter has been making headlines for a while now, but is it helping to spread the buzz on a controversial product?

Many companies are aggressively marketing their sites through the Twitter medium while some companies seem to be benefiting from the service with no effort at all.

There are a few sites and products on the internet that do not need some glam or slick marketing schemes to make use of Twitter. Just being what they are can create all of the buzz that is needed for a steady supply of visitors and consumers eager to get in on the craze.

E Cigarettes National, a company that sells e-cigarettes out of Florida, has claimed that they are seeing a tremendous increase in traffic from the popular site. “At first, we thought it was just loyal clients telling neighbors, family, and friends about us,” states Tiffany Ellis of E Cigarettes National. “But after further investigation, we came to the conclusion that it was people on Twitter spreading the word about our main site, our blog and press releases that we had put out in the past.”

Even though the company states that it was a “surprise”, they claim they are happy knowing that they are doing their job well enough to be the recipient of natural Twitter traffic without spending time or effort to try and attract that crowd.

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SOURCE: E Cigarettes National

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