Truck driver nabbed over fake fags

SOUTH African police say they have arrested a man trying to smuggle R10-million worth of fake cigarettes into the country through the Beitbridge border post.

The cigarettes were found on a 34-ton truck near the border, McIntosh Polela, a spokesman for the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation which is known as the Hawks said.

The truck was coming from Zimbabwe and heading for Johannesburg.

The driver was due to appear in court on Monday.

Crack down ... Fake cigarettes be funding crime

Crack down ... Fake cigarettes be funding crime

Officials say more than 15 million illegal cigarettes are sold daily in South Africa and the profits are used to fund organised crime.

Trade in illegal cigarettes is said to be directly linked to organised crime and the profits used to fund prostitution, gangsterism, human trafficking and even terrorism.

The officials said the cigarettes are made with inferior tobacco that has been mixed with grass, horse s*** and chemicals adding that they also burn “exceptionally faster”.


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