A Review of the Best Cigarette Brands in Europe

Though there is a growing tendency of stigmatizing smokers, many people still find particular pleasure in lighting up, and being one of them I couldn’t stand aside of another trend popular among U.S. smokers – ordering cheaper European cigarettes online. I tried many brands, and now decided to share my findings with other smokers. So, here is a review of great products found online:

Premium category:

site of cheap European cigarettes online

site of cheap European cigarettes online

Dunhill Fine Cut: well, this is simply an amazing cig, with a great flavor. Though I tried only one style, Dunhill Fine Cut Blue, I suppose the other two styles are literally perfect too. It’s a true luxury quality cigarette, and since it costs $30, you can afford it from time to time.

Parliament: this brand is well-known and hugely popular for its premium quality and inimitable tangy taste. Besides traditional styles, Parliament sold across Europe is offered in several great varieties like Parliament One, Parliament Super Slims and Parliament Reserve.

Davidoff: the legendary brand which recently celebrated its centenary. Davidoff is simply a great smoke, providing a unique combination of rich taste and superb quality. In addition, Davidoff offers a large assortment of styles, differing in strength and length, so you will definitely find your perfect match.

Mid-value category:

Marlboro: the world’s best selling cigarette needs no advertising, as its overwhelming popularity speaks for itself. The only thing that has to be mentioned is that taste of European Marlboros is a little bit different from that produced in the USA. However, the taste is not worse, and taking into account the pleasant price, you won’t see any difference at all.

Pall Mall: the rebirth of this once best-selling brand continues and its popularity is on the double-digit rise. The reason of this growth is rather simple – Pall Mall is a superior quality smoke selling for moderate price. I tried Pall Mall Slims Amber and was totally pleased with the taste.

Winston: That’s my favorite brand. I like the bracing flavor of Winston White, and it’s one of few brands that don’t make me cough. Winston is the fifth top-selling cigarette brand in the world, so the quality of this brand is guaranteed by enormous popularity this brand has around the world.

Low-end category:

Ok, I believe this is the most difficult category, as there are many nice brands selling over the web, so I really had problems selecting the “winners”, and I advice my fellow smokers try other low-cost brands as well, because you know, taste differ. Anyway, my top three is:

Red & White: an outstanding cigarette, with great quality and brilliant flavor, which I liked better than that of many American-made cigarettes. I recommend Red & White American Blend to those smokers, who prefer the good old taste of Burley tobacco, though other styles are nice too.

Bond: another amazing cigarette produced by Philip Morris International. I think it’s great that PMI pays attention to not only Marlboros but also to its lower-value brands that offer such an elite quality that adult smokers will appreciate for sure.

Classic: this brand was the major discovery and surprise for me. It was recommended to me on a smokers-community web site, so I decided to try it, and never regretted. A great smoke for a pleasant price, that is all that I can say.

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  1. ger hoade says:

    got a present of urban blue cigarettes from lanzarote but I cant find that brand listed anywhere, why ?

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