Threats of Execution May Keep China Products Safer

China executed two people and imprisoned others as a warning not to endanger the public safety by producing harmful exports. On November 24, a dairy farmer and a milk salesman were put to death in the 2008 scheme to water down infant formula that left at least six children dead and sickened more than 300,000. In a move to reassure the world that China will protect its exports from unethical producers, those responsible were severely punished. News reports raised fears in the western world as consumers became fearful of purchasing their products. That one event opened the doors for competitors to point the finger at any product from China. Feeling the economic backlash, they went after the perpetrators and sent a strong message to others not jeopardize their global income by producing tainted products.

The China finger pointing went into full swing when a few U.S. based anti-smoking groups began to target electronic cigarettes, which are in competition with the U.S. based drug companies who make smoking cessation products. Many of the parts of electronic cigarettes are manufactured in China. With the tainted milk contamination story still fresh in the public’s minds. Their opponents claimed, “We don’t know what’s in them”, was in almost every interview that hit the news. “The e- cigarette business was unfairly targeted.” says Kyle Newton, the owner of “Our No .7 products go through our own quality control process right here in the U.S. as well as in China under the scrutiny of our own staff that is constantly monitoring the process.” If you could get an “honest” answer from any anti-smoker regarding which of the two products they would select if they had to select one, it wouldn’t be the tobacco cigarette, now would it?”

Electronic cigarettes are a relatively new alternative to Marlboro tobacco cigarettes and they have been offered as a preferred product by the recognized tobacco control organization, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) in the United Kingdom who stated. “Most of the diseases associated with smoking are caused by inhaling smoke which contains thousands of toxic chemicals. By contrast, nicotine is relatively safe. Therefore, e-cigarettes, which deliver nicotine without the harmful toxins found in tobacco smoke, are likely to be a safer alternative to smoking. In addition, e-cigarettes reduce secondhand smoke exposure since they do not produce smoke.”

Despite several independent laboratory reports regarding the safety of electronic cigarettes the anti-smoking groups fight to overthrow a better product. This is contrary to their own mission statement to get cheap cigarettes off a product that kills millions each year. It is evident that if anti-smoking groups were not financed in part by the makers of other quit smoking products that stands lose market share to electronic cigarettes, they would be embracing the electronic cigarette.

At the end of 2008 and into early 2009, nine people died and at least 691 people, half of them children, became sick, in 46 states because of salmonella poisoning from eating products containing peanuts, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The contaminated peanuts were traced back to the Peanut Corporation of America which is now in bankruptcy. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspectors reported that the company had information that its peanut-butter products were tainted with salmonella but shipped them anyway. Unlike the China tragedy, the principals involved in the U.S. salmonella deaths are still enjoying their freedom.


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