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Why we need a ban on menthol cigarettes

Tweet No action the Food and Drug Administration and the Obama administration could take would do more to save lives, reduce health-care costs and curb the tobacco industry’s exploitation of children and minority teens than to ban menthol flavoring in cigarettes. Consider these findings from a March report by an FDA panel: Eighty percent of adolescent African American smokers use menthol cigarettes. Most adolescent Hispanic American smokers us ... Jump to full article >>

County campaigns against secondhand smoke

Tweet An estimated 4,000 people each year in California die from secondhand smoke, according to Santa Clara County Department of Public Health officials, who kicked off an ad campaign Tuesday to warn people about the dangers of secondhand smoke. The campaign was announced at a news conference April 26 with county Supervisor Ken Yeager and Campbell Mayor Jason Baker, who said that as a father of two kids, he is especially concerned about the impac ... Jump to full article >>

E-cigarettes’ smoke screen

Tweet School districts should broaden bans on tobacco products to include electronic cigarettes. Young people shouldn’t smoke cigarettes or battery-operated nicotine-soaked cartridges. MOUNTING public dialogue about the safety of electronic cigarettes appropriately spurs school districts to broaden bans on tobacco products to prohibit them. The battery-operated devices the size of pens use nicotine-soaked replaceable cartridges to simulate ... Jump to full article >>

WA schools consider banning electronic cigarettes

Tweet VANCOUVER, Wash. — Although people younger than 18 can purchase electronic cigarettes, they are now prohibited from using them at some Washington schools. The Columbian newspaper reports school boards in Battle Ground, Camas and Ridgefield all recently revised their tobacco policies to ban the use of electronic cigarettes at school. Vancouver Public Schools has prohibited tobacco and “tobacco lookalikes” since at least 19 ... Jump to full article >>

Anti-Tobacco Drive Targets Young Smokers

Tweet Bandar Seri Begawan – Tobacco-related deaths are increasing in developed and developing countries with 2.4 million deaths in 2000, according to The Tobacco Atlas, World Health Organisation. Unless young people do not take up smoking and current users quit, tobacco may kill one billion people in the 21st century. This was highlighted by speaker Dr Sallehuddin bin Abu Bakar, Director of City Hall, Kuala Lumpur, Health Department Malaysi ... Jump to full article >>

Strategies To Exploit Uncertainty in Tobacco

Tweet Credit and equity investments to play amid scrutiny of the menthol category. After taking control of tobacco regulation in 2009, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating the use of discount in cigarettes. Its tobacco panel, the Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee (TPSAC) is due to report its findings by March 23, 2011, and the FDA will issue a binding ruling after that. We envision three ultimate outcomes: men ... Jump to full article >>

Teen Use Of Menthol Cigarettes On the Rise

Tweet The use of menthol cigarettes is rising among adolescents and is “very high” among minority youth, a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel said in partial draft report released Monday. The Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee could make a recommendation about whether menthol flavoring should be banned. The panel’s report is due next week. Menthol cigarettes account for about 30% of total cigarette sales in ... Jump to full article >>

Paramount’s ‘Rango’ Has Lit Up a Smoking Controversy

Tweet Anti-smoking campaigners have branded the animated film Rango a public health hazard for encouraging children to take up the habit. A raft of groups said the PG feature, which opened last Friday, is setting a bad example by featuring more than 60 instances of characters puffing away. The only other film which came close was 101 Dalmatians in which Cruella de Vil smoked all the time. Even the lead character, Rango the chameleon, swallows a c ... Jump to full article >>

Menthol makes it easier to keep smoking

Tweet WASHINGTON Adding menthol to cigarettes may increase the likelihood of addiction and make it easier for young people to start smoking, according to preliminary findings of a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel considering whether to recommend a ban or otherwise restrict menthol cigarettes. The Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee said the scientific evidence showed that “menthol has cooling and anesthetic effects th ... Jump to full article >>

Smoke and mirrors for pharmacy tobacco ban should not trump reality

Tweet From an ethical standpoint, it makes little sense that health care retailers — in the business of selling products that are supposed to make people healthier — would also sell products that are known to kill. So goes the thinking of Teens Against Drug Abuse, part of the BOLD Coalition, which has pushed for an ordinance that the city’s Law Department has drafted and is being considered by the Fall River City Council’s Committee on Or ... Jump to full article >>