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Acticoa: the chocolate bar that beats wrinkles

Tweet A new kind of chocolate that apparently slows the ageing process and keeps wrinkles at bay has been unveiled by the world’s largest chocolatier. Acticoa is packed with natural antioxidants which can protect the skin from damage by harmful free radicals. Studies have shown that just 20g a day of the chocolate could help prevent wrinkles by hydrating the skin and improving elasticity. The health-boosting bars, drinks and buttons were i ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco’s topical wrinkle rewards

Tweet Everyone knows that smoking can worsen wrinkles, but a new discovery by Italian scientists could put tobacco in a new anti-wrinkle role. Chosen because of its levels of proline and glycine, abundant amino acids in human collagen, wild tobacco was tested on keratinocytes and fibroblasts to determine its anti-aging properties. In addition to acting as an antioxidant, the researchers found that its mix of peptides, amino acids and sugars had a ... Jump to full article >>