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The vaccine that could save you from heart disease

Tweet A vaccine that stops cholesterol causing damage to arteries could slash heart disease by two-thirds. The experimental jab, which is being pioneered by scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, works by stopping the body’s own defence system from over-reacting to excess levels of cholesterol in the blood. It is this over-reaction that leads to the lining of blood vessels becoming inflamed to the point where a clot forms, trigge ... Jump to full article >>

Smokers could soon get jab to halt nicotine addiction

Tweet Smokers could soon break their habit with a jab that stops nicotine from being addictive by preventing it from entering the brain, scientists claimed. As a result the vaccine stops the smoker from deriving any pleasure from cheap cigarette. In human trials the vaccine proved successful in 50 per cent of cases. Help: Smokers could quit using the vaccine that stops nicotine entering the brain This would help relieve the NHS of the heavy burd ... Jump to full article >>

U.S. backs vaccines for drug, nicotine addiction

Tweet CHICAGO (Reuters) – Hooked on cocaine or cigarettes? The U.S. government wants drug companies to make a vaccine for that. Convinced of the need for new and better treatments for addiction, the government is focusing its efforts on vaccine development as a new way to treat and possibly prevent addiction to a range of addictive substances. “It’s a perspective that is very different from what we’ve operated on in the p ... Jump to full article >>