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Professor: No Doubt Electronic Cigarettes Safer than Cigarettes

Tweet In an interview with E Cigarette Direct Professor Carl Phillips, associate professor at the University of Alberta, has argued that electronic cigarettes are a valid alternative to cigarettes, stating: “I think there’s absolutely no doubt that it is a safer alternative to regular cigarettes.” He estimated that electronic cigarettes carried a risk that: “…is probably in the order of 99 percent less harmful than s ... Jump to full article >>

Quitting Smoking With Electronic Cigarettes: New Study Proves 45% Success Rate

Tweet A Recently Completed Medical Study Conducted in South Africa Shows An Impressive 45% Success Rate When Using Electronic Cigarettes As A Smoking Cessation Tool. In the first government controlled official study of the electronic cigarette’s effectiveness as a smoking cessation aid e-cigs show an impressive 45% success rate. The study, conducted in South Africa, consisted of 349 smokers. At the conclusion of the two month study 45% of those ... Jump to full article >>

Big Tobacco Strikes Back

Tweet It didn’t take long for tobacco companies to try to evade tough new restrictions on their ability to market to young people. Less than three months after a landmark federal law granted the Food and Drug Administration power to regulate tobacco products, several of the industry’s biggest companies filed suit in tobacco-friendly Kentucky. They contend that the law’s marketing provisions infringe their commercial free-speech rights. For ... Jump to full article >>