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California Supreme Court addresses legal deadlines for tobacco lawsuits

Tweet The court rules that smokers may sue the tobacco industry once they develop a disease like lung cancer, even if they suffered different smoking-related ailments years earlier. Smokers may sue the tobacco industry once they develop a disease like lung cancer, even if they suffered different smoking-related ailments years earlier, the California Supreme Court ruled unanimously Thursday. The decision is likely to keep lawsuits alive that might ... Jump to full article >>

Smoking threatens health fabric of society

Tweet THE Consumers Association of Penang welcomes Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai’s recent statement that the Government will fine those caught smoking or possessing illicit or illegal cigarettes in a bid to reduce demand for such cigarettes, leading to a halt of such smuggling and trading activities. Illegal and contraband brands may cost as low as RM2 per 20 sticks pack, while duty-free cigarettes are smuggled by syndicates and sol ... Jump to full article >>

Raiding more trust funds horrible idea by state

Tweet Republicans in the North Carolina House of Representatives are taking aim at three trust funds set up to disperse half of North Carolina’s share of the national tobacco settlement, all in the name of balancing the state budget. The money flowing into the state from this settlement is part of the agreement the major tobacco companies made with states suing those firms, under which those companies promise to pay hundreds upon hundreds of mi ... Jump to full article >>

China bans smoking in public venues — in theory

Tweet BEIJING — China launches a ban on smoking in indoor public spaces Sunday but the effort is widely viewed as vague and half-hearted and few expect it to have much of an impact in the tobacco-addicted country. The nationwide prohibition is designed to bring China — which has more than 300 million smokers, roughly equal to the entire population of the United States — more in line with health regulations in developed countries. Bu ... Jump to full article >>

Producing safer tobacco critical in capturing foreign markets

Tweet The rapid growth of middle classes in China, India and other countries over the past few years has opened up new markets for Southeastern tobacco. Health problems associated with tobacco use are well circulated worldwide and making tobacco safer is an ongoing challenge for the tobacco industry. China is the world leader in tobacco production and a good example of how the tobacco market is likely to go in the near future. As is the case for ... Jump to full article >>

Australia Unveils New Anti-smoking Regulation

Tweet Fighting tobacco in the political arena has proven to be a tough battle for those countries attempting it. As cigarettes and tobacco products are not actually illegal, governments that have wished to reduce smoking through regulation have been forced to seek alternative measures, such as heavy taxes and requiring tobacco companies to label their products with warnings of the addictive properties and dangerous health effects of tobacco use ... Jump to full article >>

SCSU student vote backs tobacco-free plan

Tweet St. Cloud State University students approved a plan that could make their campus tobacco free by August 2012. The issue passed with 63 percent approving and 37 percent voting against the plan. The students voted Monday through Wednesday, and the results were announced today at a Student Government meeting. The approval of the tobacco-free campus plan essentially is a recommendation to President Earl H. Potter III, who has final say over wh ... Jump to full article >>

Ban on gutka, smokeless tobacco products soon

Tweet New Delhi: After a ban on plastic packaging for tobacco products, the Supreme Court is now considering a total ban on gutka and other smokeless tobacco products. Srinath Reddy, PHFI said, “Tobacco is the number one killer. It kills more than 1 million Indians every year. If you are considering this as a food product, clearly its a very hazardous food product. So the PAFA act comes into play.” Meera Aghi, activist said, “W ... Jump to full article >>

UMass Faculty Senate passes campus tobacco ban

Tweet Members of the University of Massachusetts Faculty Senate yesterday passed a proposition that aims to ban the use of all tobacco products on campus beginning in 2013. The Senate approved of the proposal in a 14-7 vote, after several students spoke against it and some faculty members spoke in favor of it. The policy – which won’t go into effect until July 1, 2013 – was brought forward to the Senate by the University Health Council. It ... Jump to full article >>

Seattle pitches in for pro baseball ban on tobacco

Tweet If health officials and Major League Baseball prevail, this might be the last season a professional baseball player will be on the field with a wad of tobacco in his cheek. Health officials from 15 cities — including Seattle — signed a letter last week to Bud Selig, Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner, and Michael Weiner, executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association, calling for a ban on players and coaches ... Jump to full article >>