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Clay pipes and the archaeologist

Tweet One of the most valuable features of clay pipes, from an archaeological perspective, is the fact that they can be closely dated. Improvements in technology, the rapid growth of the tobacco trade with the New World, bringing down prices, fashion and taste all worked together to bring about progressive developments in the shape and size of the clay pipe bowl. In 1969 David Atkinson and Adrian Oswald published a typology of London clay tobacco ... Jump to full article >>

Pensions fund investing millions in tobacco trade

Tweet HAMPSHIRE councils are investing millions of pounds of public money from their pension fund in the tobacco trade – at the same time as trying to cut smoking levels. Hampshire Pension Fund has £20.3m invested in British American Tobacco, which employs more than 1,100 people in Southampton. Critics said it sent local councils’ health credentials up in smoke and raised serious ethical questions. But pension chiefs say the main aim of the ... Jump to full article >>


Tweet You may have missed it, but New York got a brand-new Indian reservation this month — consisting entirely of two Upstate convenience stores. A state appellate court ruled that the outlets, owned and operated by the Cayuga Indian tribe on nonreservation land, count as a “qualified reservation” for taxing purposes, thus voiding local efforts to halt the Cayugas’ illicit tobacco trade. The tribe claims its “soverei ... Jump to full article >>