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Government targets tobacco smuggling

Tweet The government has unveiled the latest step in its plans to help rid Britain’s streets of illicit smuggled tobacco. In addition to a £917m funding boost – which will allow for the recruitment of new officers at both the UK Border Agency and Trading Standards authorities – the government’s refreshed Tackling Tobacco Smuggling (TTS) strategy also outlines plans to reduce traveller allowances. At present the minimum indicativ ... Jump to full article >>

Cigarette Smuggling Increases

Tweet More violent criminal gangs and drug traffickers are turning to illegal smokes as a reliable moneymaker. WASHINGTON – Cigarette smuggling is becoming big business for drug traffickers and violent criminal gangs, law enforcement officials and court records show. Contributing to the increase has been the boost in state tobacco taxes across the country. The Mackinac Center for public policy found that 27 states have hiked cigarette taxes du ... Jump to full article >>

Romanian officials detained for tobacco smuggling

Tweet BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Anti-corruption prosecutors have detained dozens of customs officials and border police on suspicion of involvement in cigarette smuggling. Prosecutors say the 77 officials detained Thursday in northern Romania are suspected of cigarette smuggling and taking bribes. Mediafax and Agerpres news agencies quoted sources as saying that the officials had been under surveillance for six months. Police say traffic at th ... Jump to full article >>

Negotiators take aim at tobacco smuggling

Tweet Negotiators in Geneva reported significant progress in efforts to stop smuggling and counterfeiting tobacco products, the World Health Organization said Sunday. But a week of talks among 169 countries failed to produce a final agreement, WHO said. The talks did lead to provisions aimed at controlling the supply chain for tobacco products through a tracking and tracing system and licensing for manufacturers and others in the tobacco trade. I ... Jump to full article >>

Governments to Draft the Framework Convention on Tobacco Smuggling Next Month

Tweet Last June delegates of many governments met in Swiss City of Geneva to consider the first universal convention on illegal tobacco trade. Next month the same governments will gather again to endorse the first draft of that convention that is supposed to become a powerful tool in the struggle against the black market of tobacco products. If the convention is ratified, it would virtually crack down the illegal trade throughout the world. Tobac ... Jump to full article >>

BATS and Imperial Tobacco warn plain cigarette packs a “counterfeiter’s charter”

Tweet British American Tobacco and Imperial Tobacco, the FTSE cigarette manufacturers, have warned that the Government risks shooting itself in the foot with its plans to regulate the industry. The FTSE companies backed Government plans to crack down on tobacco smuggling but warned that the illicit trade would be boosted by proposals to remove branding from winston tobacco. Imperial Tobacco called the proposal a “counterfeiter’s char ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco smuggling to get a whole lot tougher

Tweet European Union officials and international experts fighting against global illicit tobacco sales will meet tonight at a conference to discuss the ongoing concern over the illegal cigarette market just weeks before a vital United Nations meeting in March on the issue. The UN will meet from 14 – 21 March on a new protocol that could secure a binding international agreement to combat the massive market of illegal tobacco sales. It will b ... Jump to full article >>

Closing the tobacco loopholes

Tweet Bid for minimum excise duty on tobacco as duty per 1,000 cigarettes could rise to €90. EU finance ministers will next week (11 November) try to agree an increase in the minimum rates of excise duty on cigarettes and other tobacco products. The proposal under discussion would raise the minimum excise rate to €90 per 1,000 cigarettes, compared to €64 today. The legislation would also close loopholes that have allowed companies to market ... Jump to full article >>

Revenue up in smoke

Tweet Tobacco smuggling and counterfeit cigarette tax stamps are crimes that generate hundreds of millions of dollars for criminal enterprises and terrorist organizations. A recent Herald editorial suggested that Gov. Deval Patrick’s recommendation for a more sophisticated black market cigarette tracking system is a “solution looking for a problem” that represents “pork barrel” spending. Additionally, opponents argue that there is not e ... Jump to full article >>

Gang jailed over major cigarette smuggling ring in Coventry

Tweet A MAN has been jailed over a huge international smuggling operation in which thousands of pounds worth of cigarettes were brought into the country illegally through Coventry. Wei He Guan headed the UK arm of a gang which used Parcel Force’s depot near Coventry Airport to smuggle the cigarettes into the UK from China – evading more than £2.5million in tax. The cigarettes were also carrying fake labels. Guan and three accomplices  ... Jump to full article >>