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Homer City mulls tobacco-free zones

Tweet Homer City Council will consider an ordinance that will establish tobacco-free zones within the borough. At Tuesday’s meeting, council voted to advertise the ordinance which would ban the use of all tobacco products at the borough’s parks as well as the municipal building on Wiley Street. The ban would cover both the interior and the grounds of the borough building. The ordinance was written after councilwoman Jennifer Jaworski ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco laws will only be positive: health expert

Tweet Talks that legislation enforcing plain packaging for tobacco products would bring about a black market are absolute nonsense, says a leading health expert who is welcoming the proposed changes. Professor Mike Daube, deputy chair of the National Preventative Health Taskforce said it is possible to gauge the positive impact of the proposed legislation by the commotion the tobacco industry kicks up. Tobacco giants – as well as the Austra ... Jump to full article >>

Police Arrest 4 On Armed Robbery Allegations

Tweet OMAHA, Neb. — Police arrested four men who they said believe robbed two convenience stores within the same hour Sunday morning. Investigators were called to the Kun and Go at 154th and Pacific streets at 2:21 a.m. A witness told police that two men entered the store wearing face masks, hooded sweatshirts and gloves. The witness said one man showed a gun and demanded money. Authorities said the robbers left with cash and tobacco produc ... Jump to full article >>

UK Government To Publish Tobacco Control Paper Soon

Tweet LONDON (Dow Jones)–The U.K. government Monday said it is to publish “shortly” a paper on health policy, which could see lawmakers impose fresh rules and legislative direction on both the retail display and packaging of tobacco products. The Department of Health confirmed the imminent publication of the paper after weekend reports said its Tobacco Control Plan would be published Wednesday to coincide with a national No Smok ... Jump to full article >>

Subsidy Cap, Tobacco Tax Hike Eyed To Cover W.Va. Retiree Costs

Tweet CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A funding gap for public retiree health care is prompting West Virginia lawmakers to consider raising tobacco taxes and capping retiree subsidies. A Senate bill introduced Monday also aims to ease concerns that prompted county school boards to sue unsuccessfully over retiree costs last year. The measure focuses on other post-employment benefits, or OPEB. West Virginia estimates it lacks nearly $7 billion of what it ... Jump to full article >>

Pending West Virginia legislation looks at raising tax on tobacco

Tweet BLUEFIELD — Legislation pending in the House and Senate would increase West Virginia’s excise tax on cigarettes by $1 per pack, creating a new revenue source for the Mountain State but also causing potential problems for retailers living in border communities such as Bluefield. “I just think, and again I relate it as such to the gasoline tax, I think it would just encourage folks who are going to use those products to purchase them ce ... Jump to full article >>

Arizona bill targets minors who buy tobacco with fake ID

Tweet A Republican senator is looking to stiffen penalties for youths trying to use fake identification to buy tobacco products. The measure, sponsored by Sen. Michele Reagan, R-Scottsdale, would upgrade buying tobacco products from a petty offense to a Class 3 misdemeanor if the buyer uses a fake ID, taking the fine from a maximum of $300 to a maximum of $500 with a possible 30 days jail time. Several lobbyists said that the punishment when chil ... Jump to full article >>

FDA looks to regulate tobacco products — but not electronic cigarettes

Tweet By late March, tobacco companies will have to reveal to the Food and Drug Administration what sorts of new additives they’ve recently put in their products. But the ruling doesn’t apply to electronic cigarettes, whose makers are locked in legal battle with the FDA. Meanwhile, the e-cigs are starting to gain a pop-culture foothold – in the fall film “The Tourist,” actor Johnny Depp extols the devices’ virtues to Angelina ... Jump to full article >>

Camel Dissovable Tobacco Products Pulled from Test Markets

Tweet The R.J. Reynolds tobacco company is taking its dissolvable tobacco products off the shelves in its American test markets, according to a Dec. 17 email from the Ohio-based Drug Free Action Alliance. The Camel products — Camel Sticks, Strips, and Orbs — were being tested in Columbus, Ohio, Indianapolis, Ind., and Portland, Ore. According to a letter from R.J. Reynolds (PDF), the products were removed for “further refinement ... Jump to full article >>

Philadelphia Has the Highest Youth Smoking Rate

Tweet 80% of shops which sell tobacco products are situated within 1,000 feet of a school. Children who try to buy cigarettes succeed 20% of the time. Traders who sell tobacco products illegitimately to people under 18 are mailed a $100 ticket for the first, second or fifth infringement. The result of this survey, officials say, is the highest smoking rate among young people in the majority of big cities. City Council plans to increase the fine ... Jump to full article >>