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Closing the last-chance saloon

Tweet The retail display of cigarettes in a shop, with the packs often arrayed on shelves right behind the counter, is the last bastion of visual marketing, once, as is the case in many countries, media advertising is banned or severely restricted. Iceland was the first country in the world to implement a display ban, in August 2001. Tobacco products are kept in drawers or under the counter. Ireland was the first country in the EU to ban display, ... Jump to full article >>

Conflicting messages on tobacco

Tweet No one needs to apologize for pointing out the grave health dangers of smoking, or for trying to persuade loved ones never to take up that awful habit. But the Obama administration is trying to have it both ways with the tobacco industry. On one hand, it wants the billions of dollars in revenue produced by a $1-per-pack federal tax on cigarettes. That tax funds a children’s health insurance program. But on the other hand, the Justice Depa ... Jump to full article >>

Big tobacco spitting mad over ‘corrective’ ads

Tweet WASHINGTON — The Justice Department wants the largest cigarette manufacturers to admit that they lied to the American public about the dangers of smoking, forcing the industry to set up and pay for an advertising campaign of self-criticism for past behavior. As part of a 12-year-old lawsuit against the tobacco industry, the government on Wednesday released 14 “corrective statements” that it says the companies should be require ... Jump to full article >>

Image-conscious celebs shy away from endorsing tobacco and liquor

Tweet With the tremendous pressure being put by the anti-tobacco lobby and the health ministry when it comes to smoking or drinking liquor, celebrities are now shying away from endorsing tobacco and liquor products. Sources say that the tobacco and liquor companies have apparently decided to loosen their purse strings to the tune of Rs 25-30 crore for a single ad-deal to get a celeb on board, but find themselves up against a wall. Cricket icon Sa ... Jump to full article >>

New Bold Warnings on Tobacco Ads

Tweet Magazine readers no longer have to squint to see the health warning on ads for smokeless tobacco products. Big, bold health warnings, which stem from last year’s landmark tobacco law, have begun showing up in magazines this month. The new rules requiring more prominent health warnings on advertising for smokeless tobacco products officially go into effect June 22 and kick in a year later for cigarette ads. Previously, the warning on smoke ... Jump to full article >>