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Do You Need Talk Therapy, Medication, or Both?

Tweet The widespread use of safe, effective antidepressants like Prozac has put advocates of traditional psychotherapy on the defensive. Who wants to lie on a couch recounting their dreams at $160 an hour when they can pop a pill and hear birds chirping? Fortunately the stereotype of talk therapy as a bastion of self-indulgent, unscientific chatter is changing as insurance companies and mental health experts press for more evidence-based treatmen ... Jump to full article >>

Make Quitting Smoking Easier With One-on-One Counseling

Tweet Individual counseling can be a big help for smokers who are trying to quit. Just under 11% of smokers are able to quit without some type of therapy, according to the latest U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) guidelines. But one-on-one counseling increases the average success rate to nearly 17%. “Sure, medication is effective at curbing withdrawal symptoms,” says Bruce Christiansen, PhD, lead researcher at the University of Wisco ... Jump to full article >>