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UNIK Corporation Discusses the Electronic Cigarette.

Tweet UNIK Corporation have found that electronic cigarettes are more popular than ever as smokers turn to these miracle products to get their fix of nicotine without the health risks that are associated with tar and tobacco. The “smoke-like” vapour emitted by an electronic cigarette vaporises within a few seconds, the odour does not linger so your clothes will not smell of tobacco, neither will your car or home! It leaves no visual ... Jump to full article >>

California Tobacco Importer Finds a Way Around Federal Ban

Tweet California — The Food and Drug Administration will start enforcing a ban on flavored cigarettes next month. But a California based importer of clove-flavored cigarettes has found a way around the new law. Kretek International is the nation’s largest importer of clove cigarettes. To circumvent the ban on flavored cigarettes, the company plans to sell small clove-scented cigars. Cigars are not included in the new FDA ban. Debra Kelley ... Jump to full article >>