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Having the final say

Tweet SINGAPORE – The Health Minister will soon have the final say on what tobacco products and substitutes will be allowed here. Proposed changes to the law, which were introduced yesterday in Parliament, would give him flexibility to prohibit new or emerging products as well as existing ones. Mr Khaw Boon Wan had signalled his concern earlier this month that smokeless alternatives, which would include strips, lozenges, snus and nicotine c ... Jump to full article >>

An end to smokeless tobacco?

Tweet Singapore – It has long been available here as an alternative to cigarettes. But could there soon be tighter restrictions, or even an end, to snus? Snus is a moist powder tobacco product, consumed by placing it under the lip for a period of time. While it is not as common here as in the United States, Scandinavia and other parts of Asia, at least one online seller has seen increased orders of snus from Singapore. But amendments to the ... Jump to full article >>

Snus-maker Swedish Match hits Wall Street

Tweet Swedish Match North America marketers started in Vail. Now they are handing out silvery sample packs of snus, a traditional Swedish-style snuff, on Wall Street. It’s the clearest sign yet that the Chesterfield County-based company has a different strategy for snus than that of the nation’s top two tobacco firms, which also are pushing the smokeless tobacco. One element: The company is selling snus as a high-end product. “W ... Jump to full article >>

How Obama Can Quit Smoking

Tweet The results of President Obama’s latest trip to the doctor revealed last week that he has been unable to completely kick his smoking habit. But if he relies on the advice of his doctors, as well as his own Food and Drug Administration (FDA), he’s likely to remain frustrated and vulnerable to illness. The FDA’s current recommendations for helping smokers quit are woefully ineffective. Cigarettes are uniquely addictive, and ... Jump to full article >>

Government ‘arrogant’ over smokeless tobacco decision

Tweet The decision to not legalise smokeless tobacco has been labelled as “arrogant” by a former Conservative minister. During Commons health questions, Christopher Chope (Con, Christchurch) said that through introducing the use of a smokeless tobacco snus, 30,000 lives could be saved each year. He stated: “Don’t you realise that based on the Swedish experience, if snus was legalised in the UK, it would save up to 30,000 ... Jump to full article >>

Review of epidemiologic data on the debate over smokeless tobacco’s role in harm reduction

Tweet Some tobacco researchers have argued that the European Union should remove its ban on a form of low-nitrosamine smokeless tobacco referred to as Swedish ‘snus’. This argument has developed in to an international debate over the use of smokeless parliament tobacco as a measure of harm reduction for smokers. Leading authorities in the USA have firmly stated that there is no safe tobacco – a message which does not allow for a ... Jump to full article >>

The snuffing out of snus

Tweet Sweden’s trade minister outlines why the EU should end its ban on Sweden’s special form of tobacco. How would the people of France react if the European Union wanted to prohibit them from selling wine in other member states on health grounds? Or their wonderful cheeses, which contain the Listeria monocytogene bacteria, a well-known health risk? And what would Irish or Danish people say if their beef trade were to be permanently ... Jump to full article >>

Swedish Women Get Hooked on Snus, Letting Lips Bulge

Tweet Louise Lennersten wasn’t going to let pregnancy make her kick a snuff habit. The 26-year-old Swede switched to Onico, a nicotine-free brand that uses flavored vegetable fibers to imitate the taste of tobacco. Following the birth of her son Wilmer last month, she intends to return to real snuff, called snus in Sweden. “I was a smoker but switched to snus when my job didn’t allow smoke breaks,” Lennersten said. “ ... Jump to full article >>