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Pricey transit, outdoor smoking and ballot privacy: Opinion roundup

Tweet Voters in Colorado, like those in Oregon, will soon decide whether or not to legalize marijuana. But ganja use isn’t the only vice receiving editorial page ink these days. The Denver Post is urging Boulder City Council not to ban cigarette smoking over a several block area downtown, reasoning that it’s a legal activity that doesn’t necessarily harm others when done in the open air. By contrast, Boulder’s paper, The D ... Jump to full article >>

Will Every U.S. State Have A Smoking Ban By 2020?

Tweet ATLANTA — By 2020, every state may have bans on smoking in restaurants, bars and the workplace, federal health officials predicted Thursday, based on the current pace of adopting anti-smoking laws. The number of states with comprehensive indoor smoking bans went from zero in 2000 to 26 in 2010. “It is by no means a foregone conclusion that we’ll get there by 2020,” said Dr. Tim McAfee, director of the CDC’s Of ... Jump to full article >>

Almost Illegal To Smoke in California: A Brief History of Smoking Bans

Tweet It’s getting pretty darn near illegal to light up cancer stick anywhere in California. State lawmakers approved a bill to outlaw smoking at 278 state parks and beaches. As reported at True/Slant, with the future of smoking uncertain in California, let’s look at a brief history of the evolution of smoking bans in order to find out how we got to the place we’re currently at: 1575, a Mexican ecclesiastical council construct ... Jump to full article >>

How did your council member vote on the smoking ban?

Tweet Here’s a breakdown of how Grand Forks City Council members voted Monday during the debate over banning smoking in bars, casinos and truck stops. Council President Hal Gershman asked to be excused from voting because he owns a business that sells alcohol. This left an even number of council members, requiring Mayor Mike Brown to break the tie three times. Here’s a breakdown of how Grand Forks City Council members voted Monday during the ... Jump to full article >>

Drugs Can Help You Quit Smoking

Tweet Only 5% to 10% of smokers who try to quit succeed. For the rest, the quick onset of withdrawal symptoms—craving, irritability, hunger, and headache—is too much; the brain begins to raise hell and demand a fresh dose of nicotine, which binds to certain receptors and causes the pleasurable release of dopamine. In the face of 40 years of public-health drumbeating, smoking bans, and social pressure, that’s an amazing failure rate. The ... Jump to full article >>

Nicotine levels higher in children exposed to secondhand smoke in the home

Tweet New research published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, supports the World Health Initiative’s efforts for a home smoking ban, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins University. Specifically, hair nicotine concentrations were higher in children exposed to secondhand smoke at home, and the younger the children, the higher the concentration under the same ... Jump to full article >>

Smoking bans march across region

Tweet The District was first to clear the ashtrays from its taverns in 2007. Maryland pushed its smokers outside not long after, in 2008. And on Tuesday, so goes Virginia. The march of smoking bans in bars and restaurants across the region has made lighting up while dining out a practical impossibility for many people. And Virginia’s ban — which kicks in Tuesday — leaves the Washington area with a only a handful of venues where ... Jump to full article >>

Electronic ciggies set to give agents a healthy income

Tweet A Long Crendon man is looking for local agents to sell healthier alternatives to tobacco products called ‘electronic cigarettes’, which he believes are set to take off in Britain. Martin Whelan is an independent distributor for inLife, an American company now looking to expand in Europe. He said the firm’s e-cigarettes, which deliver nicotine without the harmful toxins found in tobacco smoke, present a golden business opp ... Jump to full article >>

UGA tests outside smoking risks

Tweet Smoking bans have made the air healthier in bars and restaurants, but may have made the air just outside the establishments more hazardous, University of Georgia researchers have found. Nonsmoking diners and imbibers sitting in outdoor patios or sidewalk seating areas connected to the bars or restaurants are picking up doses of secondhand smoke, the scientists found. In fact, nonsmokers who volunteered to sit in the outdoor seating areas ha ... Jump to full article >>

The science behind moving smoking bans outside

Tweet When, more than a decade ago now, smoking bans began to take effect around the world, researchers and public health officials feverishly collected data demonstrating the health benefits: lower levels of respiratory illness were reported among bar workers from Dublin to San Francisco after indoor smoking bans took effect, saliva tests revealed lower levels of nicotine concentration in hotel and restaurant workers once smokers were chucked ou ... Jump to full article >>