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Smokers Could Be More Prone to Schizophrenia

Tweet Smoking alters the impact of a schizophrenia risk gene. Scientists from the universities of Zurich and Cologne demonstrate that healthy people who carry this risk gene and smoke process acoustic stimuli in a similarly deficient way as patients with schizophrenia. Furthermore, the impact is all the stronger the more the person smokes. Schizophrenia has long been known to be hereditary. However, as a melting pot of disorders with different ge ... Jump to full article >>

RJ Reynolds’ ads urge tobacco pouches for smokers

Tweet Tobacco industry critics say a new R.J. Reynolds ad campaign for smoke-free New Year’s resolutions is really an attempt to keep people from quitting nicotine. The North Carolina-based company for the first time is advertising its smokeless tobacco pouches called snus (SNOOZ) as alternatives to smoking. The carefully worded magazine ads say the company supports quitting tobacco use but goes on to suggest the pouches as “smoke-fre ... Jump to full article >>

Smokers to be given free nicotine patches on the NHS… at a cost of £250million

Tweet Smokers are to be given free nicotine patches on the NHS. They will be handed out by surgeries and pharmacies as part of a £250 million Government drive to help people kick the habit. The patches give smokers a gradual release of nicotine through the skin enabling them to get their ‘fix’ without the cancer-causing substances such as tar and carbon monoxide found in cigarettes. As people become less addicted, they gradually use ... Jump to full article >>

CT scans of smokers can reduce lung cancer deaths by 20%, study reports

Tweet Advanced CT imaging can reduce deaths from lung cancer by 20% among heavy smokers by detecting tumors at an earlier stage when they are more treatable, according to results released Thursday from the first study to compare the value of CT scans and regular chest X-rays for lung cancer screening. The long-awaited results of the trial involving more than 53,000 former and current heavy smokers were so conclusive that the study was terminated ... Jump to full article >>

BATs hit as smokers struggle in downturn

Tweet British American, the maker of Dunhill cigarettes, Kent, and Lucky Strike cigarettes, said volumes fell in the third quarter as the economic downturn forced smokers to cut back. The world’s second biggest cigarette maker reported a 1pc decline in volumes to 526bn, with Europe, the US, Africa and the Middle East hardest hit. Organic volumes were 3pc lower than last year as a result of market size declines and an increase in illicit t ... Jump to full article >>

Taxpayer should fund ‘bribes’ for obese and smokers

Tweet The advice, which will be published by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence tomorrow, has been greeted with anger by critics who claimed such “bribes” were draining the public purse of money which could be better spent elsewhere. The study examined a series of schemes, including one in Kent which pays dieters up to £425 for losing weight and another in Scotland which gives pregnant women shopping vouchers w ... Jump to full article >>

Area store owners say smokers still buying locally

Tweet A statewide association of convenience store owners said the recently enacted taxes on cigarettes and tobacco have chased as much as one-third of that business into American Indian reservations, border states or other tax havens. The state cigarette tax rose July 1 to $4.35 a pack from $2.75 a pack. A tax increase on other tobacco products took effect Aug. 1. The increase brings the price of cigarettes in the state to the highest levels in ... Jump to full article >>

Outcast smokers find refuge

Tweet It’s Saturday night. A few men and women stand outside on the street holding cigarettes between two fingers, their wrists bent at angles to allow the blue smoke to escape into the night air. Someone walks by and they lower their hands to hip-level. The image has become a familiar one since cigarettes were banned inside drinking establishments and restaurants. Forced onto the street, smokers will endure rain and icy winds. Anything. Yo ... Jump to full article >>

Can You Be Addicted to Tanning? Study Says Yes

Tweet Alcoholics, drug addicts, cigarettes online buy, and gamblers have their 12-step programs—could Tanners Anonymous be next? A new study suggests that 1 in 5 people who use tanning beds exhibit signs of clinical addiction, including feeling guilty about their artificial sun sessions and tanning more than they intended. “People have shown indirectly, in various ways, that tanning tends to be addictive,” says Darryl Rigel, MD, a clinical ... Jump to full article >>

Bars serving Hawaii smokers despite ban (video)

Tweet With a cigar smoldering and the smoke wafting throughout, O’Toole’s Irish Pub doesn’t hide the fact it serves smokers. “I’m okay with that. I’m not proud of it. I’m just okay with it. It’s an economic reality,” said Bill Comerford, President of E&J Lounge Operating Co. which runs O’Toole’s, Kelley O’Neil’s and the Irish Rose Saloon. Three years ago the state ... Jump to full article >>