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Complaints mount against Direct E-Cig smokeless cigarettes

Tweet Their efforts to be healthier hit them in the bank account! The Better Business Bureau warns that complaints are rolling in across the country against Direct E-Cig smokelss cigarettes. This warning just out–and how you can file a complaint: Consumers who tried to take advantage of “free” Internet offers for smokeless cigarettes say they were burned by unexpected charges that totaled $100 or more, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ... Jump to full article >>

Shame on you, FDA

Tweet The Food and Drug Administration’s decision Tuesday to ban the sale of flavored cigarettes takes us yet another step down the unpleasant road toward government control over our personal lives. The FDA justified the ban on smokeless cigarettes, which includes products such as the Camel Exotic Blends line of cigarettes, by claiming that, “These flavored cigarettes are a gateway for many children and young adults to become regular ... Jump to full article >>