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More students smoke pot than tobacco

Tweet More Ontario students report using cannabis than tobacco, a survey released Wednesday shows. About 21% of Grade 7 to 12 students in Ontario say they used cannabis during the past year, according to the survey by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. The usage was higher among older students; 37% of Grade 12 students reported using pot, while the report called marijuana use among seventh graders as “negligible”. On the othe ... Jump to full article >>

Changes in tobacco use create trade-offs

Tweet How the restaurant and bar smoking ban will affect restaurant or tobacco revenues is unclear. Other states with similar bans say business falls off, then resumes without a haze. Prevention Partners say the Jan. 2, 2010 ban, and the state and federal tax hike in 2009 will keep an estimated 89,000 children a year from starting to smoke tobacco. Added to a state tobacco-free schools and hospitals law already in place, this new smoking ban prom ... Jump to full article >>