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Anti-smoking advocates rally at state Capitol

Tweet Smoke-Free Oklahoma and Tulsa restaurant owner Ken Selby held a Capitol press conference Monday to call for abolishing smoke rooms in restaurants and ending smoking in bars. Selby, the owner and operator of Mazzio’s and Oliveto restaurants, said his restaurants saw an increase in business when they went smoke-free a decade ago. “Several years ago and considerably before there were any regulatory laws against smoking in restauran ... Jump to full article >>

Pollution is high in bars allowing smoking

Tweet Concentrations of secondhand tobacco smoke inhaled in restaurants and bars that allow smoking are exceptionally high and hazardous, U.S. researchers found. A report by the Oklahoma Tobacco Research Center found the average particulate level measured in restaurant smoking rooms was beyond the hazardous extreme based on levels established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The levels in bars were higher, the study said. Lead investi ... Jump to full article >>

Toddlers, Obese Kids Suffer Most From Smoke

Tweet Secondhand smoke harms the cardiovascular health of children, especially toddlers and obese youngsters, U.S. researchers say. Their study of 52 toddlers (aged 2 to 5) and 107 adolescents (aged 9 to 18) found an association between the amount of secondhand smoke exposure and a marker of vascular injury in toddlers. This link was two times greater in obese toddlers, the study authors noted. Toddlers exposed to secondhand smoke showed a 30 per ... Jump to full article >>

RJR’s innovation draws interest of FDA

Tweet The evolution of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. may be shaped in large part by how well it can live down — and learn from — its past. Reynolds received another clear example of that reality last week when the Food and Drug Administration requested research on the company’s three innovative dissolvable smokeless products — Camel Orbs, Camel Sticks and Camel Strips — and others being considered. The Tobacco Products S ... Jump to full article >>

E-Cig Circumvents State Smoking Ban

Tweet Guilford County may have banned smoking from area bars and restaurants at the first of the year, but technology is giving county health officials and other anti-smoking advocates fits. “E-cigs” – also known as “electronic cigarettes” – are becoming the nicotine dispenser of choice now that smoking traditional cigarettes has been declared illegal in most public buildings. Electronic cigarettes are meant to simulat ... Jump to full article >>

Time for states to clear the air: Smoking bans save money and lives

Tweet Snuffing out smoking in public places has moved a step closer to reality in Missouri. That’s news worth cheering, even if lawmakers may not rush to approve a smoke-free law in 2010. The conversation has to start somewhere, and newly introduced House Bill 1766 gets a lot of things right. It would prohibit smoking in restaurants, bars and casinos. It would take precedence over weaker, existing smoke-free laws, including those in Kansas City ... Jump to full article >>

Secondhand Smoke Disrupts Asthmatic Kids’ Sleep

Tweet Researchers found that of more than 200 6- to 12-year-olds with asthma, those exposed to secondhand smoke tended to have poorer sleep at night and more drowsiness during the day. While the reasons for the connection are uncertain, the researchers say it’s likely that asthmatic children exposed to tobacco smoke have more nighttime breathing problems, which in turn disrupts their sleep. The link between secondhand smoke and sleep proble ... Jump to full article >>

Cigar Store Owners Say ‘No’ to Kansas Governor’s Proposed Tax Hikes

Tweet Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson’s efforts to increase taxes primarily on lower- and middle-class Kansans should be thwarted, according to the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association. Parkinson has requested that the state legislature increase taxes on groceries, clothing, tobacco and other consumer goods to help offset the state’s gaping budget shortfall projected to be some $400 million in the fiscal year beginning ... Jump to full article >>

Smoking law strikes a fine balance

Tweet A tough new anti-smoking law was unveiled on Thursday, imposing heavy fines and imprisonment for those who flout its provisions. Under the law, smoking is banned in public places and on public transport, in vehicles where children under 12 are present, and in educational and health facilities and places of worship. The introduction of the new law meets the UAE’s requirements as a member of the World Health Organisation and signals the ... Jump to full article >>

Emphysema Linked to Secondhand Smoke

Tweet Childhood exposure to environmental tobacco smoke correlated with increased evidence of emphysema on lung scans of nonsmoking adults, data from a large cohort study showed. Structural and quantitative indices of emphysema differed significantly on CT lung scans of adults with a childhood history of secondhand smoke exposure compared with those with a negative exposure history, Gina S. Lovasi, PhD, of the Mailman School of Public Health of C ... Jump to full article >>