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Smoking Ban Could Expand to Greensboro Parks

Tweet A smoking ban proposal could encompass 175 parks and recreational facilities in Greensboro. Smokers could no longer light up legally in any part of the municipal park system under a proposal city officials are considering. If enacted in full, the ban would cover all outdoor areas across a system that encompasses about 175 parks and other recreational facilities, including greenways and trails. Cone Health Foundation recently asked the city ... Jump to full article >>

Smoking still legal on Rehoboth Beach

Tweet Commission limits ban to parks, playgrounds as resort city joins national and regional trend. Smoking will be banned in parks and playgrounds in Rehoboth Beach but city commissioners on Friday stopped short of a prohibition of smoking on the beach and boardwalk. The ban will take effect in 30 days to give municipal officials time to post signs and place cigarette-disposal caddies in the restricted areas. The commissioners’ 5-2 decisio ... Jump to full article >>

Smoke-Free group collects $83,000 to Stand Up Cape’s $3,050

Tweet Citizens for a Smoke-Free Cape on Monday reported total contributions of nearly $83,000, almost all of which came from the American Cancer Society, to persuade voters to pass a citywide smoking ban next week. That figure left leaders of the opposition, which reported a relatively meager $3,070, aghast. Meanwhile, Smoke-Free Cape contends the opposition rhetoric is meant to put a smoke-screen over the health hazards of secondhand smoke. R ... Jump to full article >>

Some fear loss of tax, business revenue if smoking ban is approved

Tweet In the battle over the proposed Springfield smoking ban, much of the sparring has centered on the potential costs to businesses, charities and residents. Citing published studies in cities with existing bans, supporters argue smoking restrictions have no overall negative impact on local economies, with nonsmokers replacing any smoking customers who are lost. “The revenue tends to stay flat,” said Clean Air Springfield spokeswoma ... Jump to full article >>

Cape Girardeau City Council reluctantly asks for smoking ban on April 5 ballot

Tweet Most members were reluctant to do it, but the Cape Girardeau City Council asked Monday night for an ordinance that would place a smoking ban on the April 5 ballot that would prohibit lighting up inside the city’s bars, restaurants and other enclosed public places. The council expects the ordinance to be drafted in time for it to vote at its Jan. 10 meeting, making it all but a certainty that it voters will decide. The council made its ... Jump to full article >>

Secondhand smoke tied to childrens’ poor mental health

Tweet The evidence is piling up that parents who smoke really should quit — or at least not smoke at home, a study said. Children who breathe secondhand smoke are more likely to struggle with mental health problems, especially hyperactivity and “bad” behavior, according to the study, published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. While the findings add urgency to the push for parents to quit smoking or at least ... Jump to full article >>

Pass smoke-free ordinance

Tweet People know that exposure to secondhand smoke is associated with many harmful illnesses, including lung cancer, heart disease and other respiratory ailments. The negative effects have an even wider scope, however, especially if one considers our children as unwilling participants inhaling secondhand tobacco smoke. Youth tobacco user rates have a direct relationship with youth exposure to secondhand smoke. The more exposure children have to ... Jump to full article >>

Ruling allows smoking ban to take effect

Tweet Smoke and ash trays in Cabell County bars and gambling parlors will soon become a thing of the past. Cabell Circuit Judge Jane Hustead lifted a week-old temporary injunction on a new countywide indoor smoking regulation Thursday, which allows the Cabell-Huntington Health Department to enforce it as soon as the judge enters her order. The new regulation strengthens a 2001 law that prohibited smoking in all of the county’s restaurants. ... Jump to full article >>

Secondhand smoke raises risk of hardened arteries

Tweet The study of 494 children showed that those with higher levels of exposure to secondhand smoke from ages 8 to 13 had, by age 13, significantly increased blood vessel wall thickness and functioning problems, both of which are precursors to arterial structural changes and hardening. Greater exposure to tobacco smoke also was associated with higher levels of apolipoprotein B (apoB), a component of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or “bad ... Jump to full article >>

Evansville City Council to consider stricter smoking ban

Tweet Smokers would have to snub out their cigarettes before entering Evansville bars and restaurants under an amended smoking ban proposed by a City Councilman. But patrons of Casino Aztar could continue puffing while they gamble. Councilman Dan Adams, D-At Large, submitted the amendment today, saying he doesn’t think the city’s current ban does enough to protect the public from the dangers of secondhand smoke. “Almost all of the major of ... Jump to full article >>