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Mom gives up smoking for her baby’s health

Tweet The Delta County Health Department has recognized MacKenzy Wells as the most recent graduate of the Baby and Me Tobacco Free program. Smoking increases the risk of low birth weights, and, because the habit can be kicked, pregnant women are referred to the program which includes cessation counseling, support and CO monitoring. If, after random saliva tests, a mother tests tobacco free, she receives a $25 a month voucher for diapers for up to ... Jump to full article >>

MSU leaders vote to make campus tobacco-free

Tweet Once Montana State University had smoking lounges, professors smoked in class and U.S. Tobacco not only sponsored the annual college rodeo, but handed out free chewing tobacco samples to spectators at the Fieldhouse. Over the last generation, tobacco has been increasingly restricted, and on Wednesday, campus leaders on MSU’s University Council took a historic vote, unanimously endorsing the idea of making the Bozeman campus tobacco-fr ... Jump to full article >>

China bans smoking in public venues — in theory

Tweet BEIJING — China launches a ban on smoking in indoor public spaces Sunday but the effort is widely viewed as vague and half-hearted and few expect it to have much of an impact in the tobacco-addicted country. The nationwide prohibition is designed to bring China — which has more than 300 million smokers, roughly equal to the entire population of the United States — more in line with health regulations in developed countries. Bu ... Jump to full article >>

E-Cigarettes: A New Way to Quit Smoking?

Tweet Smoking is a hard habit to break! As a former smoker, I know this first-hand. So, has relief finally come? This technology may kill the already under fire tobacco industry. So, sadly, my formerly beloved Marlboro Reds may no longer be around for future generations to enjoy. It is said that the e-cigarette simulates smoking so well that even lifelong smokers cannot tell the difference. To make this even more crazy, they claim that they will ... Jump to full article >>

Cigar smoker sued for $2m by neighbours over second-hand smoke

Tweet A New York smoker is being sued by his neighbours because his second-hand smoke is apparently seeping into the $2million flat next door. Harry Dale has installed three air cleaners and brought in a specialist to seal off his apartment from Russell and Amanda Poses – but they are still taking the complaint to court. The neighbours claim the smoke is so bad they have been ‘practically evicted’ from their two-bedroom third fl ... Jump to full article >>

Horrible habit serves only to put kids at risk

Tweet OUR children are being killed by smoke. Parents need to take responsibility for their habit and protect their youngsters. Since the smoking ban came into force it seems ludicrous that people were ever allowed to smoke in pubs and restaurants. Thankfully, the days of emerging from the local reeking of cigarette smoke and with smarting eyes are long gone. But clean-smelling clothes are one thing, safeguarding children’s health is another an ... Jump to full article >>

Attorneys: Big Tobacco snuffed out deal

Tweet Attorneys say Big Tobacco conspired to kill a deal that would have yielded $10 million for flight attendants suing the companies over health problems they attribute to the second-hand smoke they inhaled on the job for years. Soon after lawyers from a tobacco company asked for time to think about a $10 million offer to settle suits filed by thousands of flight attendants, they took the offer off the table. Attorneys for the flight attendants ... Jump to full article >>

Cigarette-advertising liberties

Tweet The tobacco industry over the years has employed some interesting tactics in an effort to inveigle prospects into using its products, preferably a particular brand. Cigarette companies have counted largely on image advertising to draw people into their web. The Marlboro Man was created to appeal to men’s macho aspirations, Joe Camel was designed to lure young smokers, and women were the targets of the Virginia Slims “You’v ... Jump to full article >>

Spare children evils of smoking: DOH

Tweet THE Department of Health said parents should avoid smoking at home to spare their children from the effects of second-hand smoke. “If your child is frequently getting sick, experiencing headaches, having difficulty in breathing, runny nose, cough and colds, ear infections or allergies, don’t look far. The problem may be right in your home and it may even emanate from parents,” DOH-Tobacco Control Program head Anthony Roda said ... Jump to full article >>

Is tobacco smoke an allergen?

Tweet Second-hand smoke is often referred to as an allergen because it causes reactions usually associated with allergies. Many people complain of being allergic to cigarette smoke because it irritates their eyes, nose, or throat, but this is usually not a true allergy, because the immune system is not involved. These symptoms are more likely a case of over-sensitivity to smoke. Although tobacco smoke itself has not been proven to cause allergic ... Jump to full article >>