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Keith Richards Has Memories to Burn

Tweet It is 3 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time in the New York office of Keith Richards’s manager, a place that might look ordinary if every wall and shelf were not crammed with some of the world’s most glorious rock ’n’ roll memorabilia. Mr. Richards has a 3 o’clock appointment. “Come on in, he’ll be here in a minute,” an assistant says — and here he comes in a minute, at 3:01. This from a man who once prided himself for operating on ... Jump to full article >>

Ronnie Wood’s girlfriend is definitely pukka: Polo-playing girlfriend is a world away from lapdancing waitress

Tweet He left his wife for a waitress in a lapdancing bar, but Ronnie Wood has taken a step up in the world since then. Instead of serving drinks in a seedy bar – which was later busted for being a brothel – his latest girlfriend has a penchant for polo. The Rolling Stone was seen looking quite the gentleman in a grey trilby, wool coat and scarf and carrying her polo mallets at the Ham Polo Club in London yesterday. He rather ruined ... Jump to full article >>

Manhattan Institute replies (re McCaughey and tobacco lobby) UPDATED

Tweet In response to this item today, concerning Rolling Stone’s claim that Betsy McCaughey worked secretly with tobacco lobbyists when preparing her 1994 New Republic article about the Clinton health reform plan, I have just received this note from Lindsay Craig of the Manhattan Institute: “Below is a letter to the editor of Rolling Stone from Lawrence Mone, president, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. “In his article &# ... Jump to full article >>