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Smoking in pregnancy shock

Tweet ONE in five pregnant women in Wigan are still smoking up to the birth. The shocking figures released by the NHS Information Centre show that the borough’s mums are some of the worst in the country for smoking while pregnant. In the last year, 19.2 per cent of mothers giving birth were still smoking up to delivery – above the North West average of 16.9 per cent and the national average of just 13.4 per cent. Whilst the figures are slight ... Jump to full article >>

Horrible habit serves only to put kids at risk

Tweet OUR children are being killed by smoke. Parents need to take responsibility for their habit and protect their youngsters. Since the smoking ban came into force it seems ludicrous that people were ever allowed to smoke in pubs and restaurants. Thankfully, the days of emerging from the local reeking of cigarette smoke and with smarting eyes are long gone. But clean-smelling clothes are one thing, safeguarding children’s health is another an ... Jump to full article >>

Eating your five-a-day ‘does little to cut cancer risk’

Tweet Eating fruit and vegetables does little to help people avoid cancer, say researchers. Despite public health messages about the benefits of ‘five a day’, a major study shows it has a ‘very weak’ effect on preventing cancer. Campaigners stress that a diet high in fruit and vegetables reduces the risk of obesity, a major cause of cancer, and is good for the heart. But a study of almost 500,000 people found eating five p ... Jump to full article >>

Cigarette smoking may raise prostate cancer risk

Tweet Cigarette smoking may increase a man’s risk for developing and dying from prostate cancer, pooled data from 24 studies involving 21,600 men with the disease indicates. This study “provides good evidence that prostate cancer is likely a smoking-related tumor,” Dr. Michael Huncharek, at Meta-Analysis Research Group in Columbia, South Carolina, wrote in an email to Reuters Health. Prostate cancer is the most common of all can ... Jump to full article >>

Secondhand smoke raises risk of hardened arteries

Tweet The study of 494 children showed that those with higher levels of exposure to secondhand smoke from ages 8 to 13 had, by age 13, significantly increased blood vessel wall thickness and functioning problems, both of which are precursors to arterial structural changes and hardening. Greater exposure to tobacco smoke also was associated with higher levels of apolipoprotein B (apoB), a component of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or “bad ... Jump to full article >>

Why a Ban on E-Cigs Would Be Wrong?

Tweet The Food and Drug Administration is supposed to protect the public’s health and safety. So why is it trying to block the sale of an electronic alternative to cigarettes that can save people’s lives by simulating smoking without burning tobacco? Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, are battery-powered devices that deliver nicotine in a vapor composed mainly of the food additive propylene glycol. There’s no que ... Jump to full article >>

Older Moms More Apt to Have Autistic Child

Tweet Older moms are more likely to have a child with autism than women who give birth at a younger age, new research shows. Researchers from University of California, Davis, looked at records for the nearly 5 million births in California between 1990 and 1999, a decade in which autism incidence increased 600 percent statewide. A woman’s risk of having a child diagnosed with autism rose by 18 percent for each five-year increment in her age, acc ... Jump to full article >>

Smokers Double Their Risk for Heart Disease

Tweet A new study offers yet more proof that smoking is a major risk factor for death from heart disease and cancer. Researchers followed 12,152 American and European male and female smokers, formers smokers and nonsmokers for three years. During that time, current smokers were 4.16 times more likely to die of cancer, 2.26 times more likely to die of heart disease and 2.58 times more likely to die from any cause than were former or nonsmokers. Cu ... Jump to full article >>

Cancer case: judge stays

Tweet A NSW Court of Appeal judge has found British American Tobacco caused ”a real risk of a diminution of public confidence in the administration of justice” by attempting to remove a judge hearing a cancer compensation case against it. Upholding the challenge would have created a public perception that the company had ”manipulated the system in the hope of obtaining a more favourable outcome from a different judge”, sai ... Jump to full article >>

Secondhand Smoke in Childhood Raises Adult Lung Cancer Risk

Tweet Children exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke are at increased risk for lung cancer later in life — even if they never smoke themselves, researchers said. That risk is also modulated by genetic variation in a gene involved in innate immunity, according to Curtis Harris, MD, of the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Md., and colleagues. The findings come from a study in the December issue of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Pre ... Jump to full article >>