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Texting Could Help Smokers Quit

Tweet Those struggling to quit smoking may find that success is just a text message away. A study done by researchers at Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C., showed that smokers who used a text-messaging program to help them quit were more than two times as successful at quitting compared to those who did not get assistance from text messages. Text message assistance operates by giving ... Jump to full article >>

FDA looks to regulate tobacco products — but not electronic cigarettes

Tweet By late March, tobacco companies will have to reveal to the Food and Drug Administration what sorts of new additives they’ve recently put in their products. But the ruling doesn’t apply to electronic cigarettes, whose makers are locked in legal battle with the FDA. Meanwhile, the e-cigs are starting to gain a pop-culture foothold – in the fall film “The Tourist,” actor Johnny Depp extols the devices’ virtues to Angelina ... Jump to full article >>

Obama milestone: 9 months without a cigarette

Tweet White House victories are rare these days, but President Obama can claim solid progress in his lonely battle to quit smoking. The president has gone nine months without sneaking a cigarette, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs reported Thursday. Every day is a struggle and there’s no guarantee the president won’t light up tomorrow, it seems. Still, for a president who has been trying to quit for years, the nine-month hiatu ... Jump to full article >>

SUPREME COURT NOTEBOOK: Chief justice sells Pfizer stock to take part in 2 high court cases

Tweet Chief Justice John Roberts has sold his shares of Pfizer Inc., a move that allows him to participate in two pending Supreme Court cases involving the pharmaceutical maker. Federal law requires judges to sit out cases if they own even a single share of stock in any of the parties to a lawsuit. In the past, Roberts has not taken part in cases involving Pfizer because he owned less than $15,000 of the company’s stock, according to his la ... Jump to full article >>

E-cigarettes helpful in quitting smoking

Tweet People who have used electronic cigarettes say they were a bit helpful to quit smoking, but the devices were described as unreliable, Swiss researchers say. Study author Jean-Francois Etter of the University of Geneva in Switzerland says the study involved surveying 81 users and former users of e-cigarettes. Ninety-five percent say the e-cigarettes were at least somewhat helpful to stop smoking. However, some said they were concerned about ... Jump to full article >>

Heart Attack Calculator: Quitting Smoking Can Save Your Life

Tweet If asthma, lung cancer, and emphysema aren’t enough to scare you off, it turns out smokers are two to four times more likely to develop coronary artery disease (CAD) than nonsmokers. Cardiovascular disease—including CAD, heart failure, and heart attack—is the leading killer in the U.S., claiming more than 860,000 lives in 2005. Smoking ups your risk for heart disease by decreasing the flow of oxygen to the heart and raises your ri ... Jump to full article >>

Weight gain from quitting smoking linked to diabetes

Tweet Former smokers have a greater risk of developing diabetes than smokers or nonsmokers. But researchers say that’s due to the pounds people tend to gain after quitting. Smoking raises the risk of diabetes, but new research indicates that — at least in the short term — kicking the habit increases the risk even more. The problem is not really quitting smoking. It’s the pounds most people pack on when they give up cigaret ... Jump to full article >>

Smoking Ban Battle In Courtroom Tuesday

Tweet The smoking ban legal battle could be decided as early as next Tuesday. Smoking ban opponents filed a lawsuit calling for a judge to decide whether rejected petition signatures should have been thrown out. A hearing is set for Tuesday in Hughes County. That’s when a judge is expected to rule on several motions that were filed from both sides of the lawsuit. And because both sides are asking for a summary judgement, the judge could ru ... Jump to full article >>

Official: E-cigarettes not recommended for quitting smoking

Tweet Though many smokers believe electronic cigarettes are designed to help them quit, such an assumption may be untrue, federal officials said. Art senior Adam Pezen said he learned about e-cigarettes from online blogs and first tried them out of curiosity. “My mom bought them because she had been a hardcore smoker for about 30 years,” Pezen said. “She passed [the habit] on to me.” Pezen said he and his mother both still smoke tobacco c ... Jump to full article >>