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Plain cigarette packs ‘encourage smokers to quit’

Tweet Selling cigarettes in unbranded packs seems to make tobacco less appealing and encourages smokers to quit, suggests a study. The work comes from Australia – the first country to introduce plain packaging. The BMJ Open research looked at the impact of the policy on 536 smokers in the state of Victoria. The findings come days after ministers were criticised for putting on hold a plan to impose plain packs in England. Downing Street deni ... Jump to full article >>

Trying to quit smoking just got a little easier

Tweet ‘It’s easy to quit smoking – I’ve done it hundreds of times.” This oft-quoted bit of wit, attributed to Mark Twain, gets right to the heart of the matter: Deciding to kick the habit is a breeze, but sticking with the decision is an entirely different story. Most who actually manage to end up as former smokers do so only after several failed attempts. These days, though, there are ways to ease the burden. Nicotine-replacement produ ... Jump to full article >>

New anti-smoking ads are scaring people into quitting

Tweet The CDC here in Atlanta a few days ago issued a news report indicating the new scary non-smoking ad is having its effects on smokers. The ad shows a woman without fingers and a man without his lower legs indicating that these were caused by smoking. Buerger’s disease is a disease caused when the arteries and the veins become blocked and causes infection, which can result in amputation. Virtually, everyone diagnosed with this disease used ... Jump to full article >>

Why Pediatricians May Be Best Equipped to Help Smokers Quit

Tweet About one out of every four parents with small children responds to interventions to help them quit smoking, which is slightly better than the one in five parents who would quit without any special help, according to a new study. Researchers say the results should encourage pediatricians to take advantage of their frequent encounters with parents, and try to get them to start a smoking cessation program. “Because (pediatricians) can m ... Jump to full article >>

How To Find Help When Quitting

Tweet Falling off the wagon when trying to quit smoking may not be bad after all. If you’re resolving to quit smoking, doctors say you’re more likely to succeed if you accept the fact that you are likely to fail. “It’s really important not to just quit on New Year’s. If you try it New Years, and by January 7th, you’re smoking again, just try again,” said Dr. Cheryl Healton, a former smoker who is the pres ... Jump to full article >>

Future fund urged to quit tobacco stake

Tweet The Future Fund is mocking the Government’s anti-smoking laws by continuing to hold a $150 million stake in tobacco companies, the Greens say. The $75 billion fund, which was set up in 2006 to help pay federal public servants’ pensions, also owns $180million of shares in businesses involved in making nuclear weapons. General manager Mark Burgess told the Senate’s finance committee yesterday the fund took its environmental, ... Jump to full article >>

Most Parents Support Testing Kids for Tobacco Exposure

Tweet If you’ve ever wondered how much cigarette smoke your kids are really exposed to – you’re not alone. A new study led by the Center for Child and Adolescent Health has found that a majority of parents would support testing children for tobacco smoke exposure as part of their primary care visit. Researchers surveyed nearly 500 parents – both smoking and non-smoking – and asked them how they felt about the idea of testing children fo ... Jump to full article >>

Boehner likes tobacco – and its money

Tweet Big news: President Barack Obama has finally quit smoking. It’s about time. What a terrible image from our country’s role-model­in-chief. But now we have a new smoker-in­chief — it’s the new Speaker of the House, John Boehner. He’s known for spending time in “Smoker’s Alley” outside the lobby of the Speaker of the House. And he’s un­apologetic about the image he proj­ects to our nation’s youth. He’s fine with smoki ... Jump to full article >>

E-Cigarettes: A New Way to Quit Smoking?

Tweet Smoking is a hard habit to break! As a former smoker, I know this first-hand. So, has relief finally come? This technology may kill the already under fire tobacco industry. So, sadly, my formerly beloved Marlboro Reds may no longer be around for future generations to enjoy. It is said that the e-cigarette simulates smoking so well that even lifelong smokers cannot tell the difference. To make this even more crazy, they claim that they will ... Jump to full article >>

Electronic cigarettes in legal limbo

Tweet What exactly is an electronic cigarette? We can tell you what it’s not. Legally, it is not a cigarette, nor is it a nicotine replacement therapy that can help you quit smoking. An e-cigarette is a battery-powered tube that resembles a regular cigarette in look and shape. It does not contain tobacco leaves, but rather houses a battery-operated heating element that turns a refillable, liquid chemical into a vapor mist that is then inhaled ... Jump to full article >>