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‘Real Housewives’ star Kim Zolciak denies smoking while pregnant despite photo of her puffing away

Tweet Kim Zolciak may be pregnant, but it’s unclear how many prenatal education classes she’s taken so far. According to, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member was photographed smoking just two weeks before announcing she was three-months pregnant – a big no-no for mommies-to-be. Zolciak, who is expecting a child with NFL star Kroy Biermann, was reportedly spotted puffing away on Nov. 7 outside the Georgia ... Jump to full article >>

One in five women in Wales smoke while pregnant

Tweet WALES has the highest rates of women who smoke during their pregnancy in the UK, shocking figures reveal today. Despite the social taboo, the figures from anti-smoking charity ASH Wales show one-in-five women continue to smoke throughout pregnancy. Midwives said many young women are smoking while pregnant because they believe they will have smaller “doll-like” babies. Helen Rogers, the Royal College of Midwives’ board secretary for Wa ... Jump to full article >>

Being pregnant is a fag in Spain

Tweet When my husband and I first arrived in Madrid, we enjoyed every aspect of the Spanish capital’s hectic nocturnal lifestyle. Everything was so exciting and new, life seemed so simple and great. Eating out soon turned into a habit; we enjoyed the tapas bars, our local and the more central cervecerias. We drank coffees in bars during afternoon strolls in the parks. Whenever there was a language hiccup or a misunderstanding, we would simp ... Jump to full article >>

Cambodian moms-to-be chew tobacco for nausea

Tweet When pregnant Cambodian women suffer morning sickness, they often reach for an unlikely source of relief: a wad of chewing tobacco. Many become hooked, and the World Health Organization warned Thursday it is a tradition putting the health of both mothers and babies at risk. The largest tobacco survey ever conducted in Cambodia found that about half of all women older than 48 regularly chew tobacco, and about one in five rural women first to ... Jump to full article >>

Maternal Smoking May Increase Newborns’ Discomfort

Tweet A new research study being published in the October 15th issue of Biological Psychiatry suggests that maternal smoking may increase the level of distress of newborns. Studies have consistently found that prenatal cigarette smoke exposure is associated with increased rates of behavior problems, irritability, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, the risk of violent offenses, conduct disorder, adolescent onset of drug dependence, and the ... Jump to full article >>

Eighty per cent of pregnant women in Nunavut smoke

Tweet Ottawa’s Bob Reid is trying to understand what’s at the root of the health crisis OTTAWA-When Ottawa’s Bob Reid convened a meeting several years ago to discuss Nunavut’s smoking epidemic, the territory’s health officials, Inuit elders and leaders all shared an overriding concern. Nunavut’s expectant mothers smoked too much, they told him, and required urgent help. “One of the things that was appalling to community members was ... Jump to full article >>

If Penelope Cruz is really pregnant, surely she wouldn’t be smoking…

Tweet Hollywood has been buzzing over whispers Penelope Cruz is pregnant with her first child. But has the actress finally sent the rumours up in smoke? The 35-year-old, who dates actor Javier Bardem, was seen with a cigarette in her hand while dining with friends at Hollywood’s exclusive Chateau Marmont yesterday. The pictures have lead some observers to conclude she couldn’t possibly be expecting, given that so few women smoke duri ... Jump to full article >>

Expectant mums paid to stop smoking in Express area

Tweet PREGNANT women in southeast Wakefield are being paid £20 a month to quit smoking under a new scheme. The move is an attempt to stop women putting their unborn babies at risk after figures showed Wakefield was one of the worst cities in the country for the number of expectant mothers that smoke. The programme – which is aimed at mums-to-be who have already quit and are at risk of starting again – follows a scheme launched in Rotherham ... Jump to full article >>