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Australia passes plain-packaging cigarette law

Tweet Australia is to become the first country to enforce the plain packaging of cigarettes but tobacco companies have vowed to fight the new legislation in court. From December next year, all cigarettes will be sold in olive green packs, which research has shown is least appealing to smokers. Under the new laws, approved by the upper house of parliament, no trademark brand logos will be permitted on any packaging of tobacco products, although co ... Jump to full article >>

Plain packaging will hit sales hard, and big tobacco is worried

Tweet So, the move to cigarette plain packaging will do nothing to reduce the rate of smoking, but it will be a pain in the proverbial for shopkeepers. I’m told this at least once an hour on talk radio, so it must be true. But things aren’t always what they appear to be. I know this as a reformed tobacco executive. I was employed by Rothmans of Pall Mall from 1994 to 1998 in Queensland, NSW and Victoria in charge of about $250 million ... Jump to full article >>

Big Tobacco to fight on over plain packaging plan for cigarettes

Tweet THE tobacco industry will take its fight over plain packaging to the Federal Court, after a tribunal affirmed the government’s right to withhold the secret legal advice authorising the plan. British American Tobacco has confirmed to The Australian it will appeal against an Administrative Appeals Tribunal ruling refusing the company access to the Keating-era document on the grounds of legal professional and parliamentary privilege. Und ... Jump to full article >>

Smoke alarm on cigarette plans

Tweet AN Australian retail group has announced they believe the federal government’s plain packaging of tobacco policy could increase the amount of illegally sold tobacco in counterfeit packaging. In a statement released on Friday, the Alliance of Australian Retailers said the policy would not only encourage the illegal tobacco trade but also cause unnecessary confusion for retail staff and create delays in service time. “The AAR believe ... Jump to full article >>

British American Tobacco Australia flags cigarette packaging fight

Tweet CIGARETTE giant British American Tobacco Australia has flagged a massive legal fight against the Gillard government’s plan to bring in plain packaging. BATA says Canberra may have to pay billions of dollars in compensation to cigarette firms if it brings in plain olive green packaging. Health Minister Nicola Roxon will unveil draft legislation this morning requiring tobacco companies to print their brand name in a specific font. She h ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco laws will only be positive: health expert

Tweet Talks that legislation enforcing plain packaging for tobacco products would bring about a black market are absolute nonsense, says a leading health expert who is welcoming the proposed changes. Professor Mike Daube, deputy chair of the National Preventative Health Taskforce said it is possible to gauge the positive impact of the proposed legislation by the commotion the tobacco industry kicks up. Tobacco giants – as well as the Austra ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco industry calls for plain packaging of cigarettes

Tweet A major tobacco-industry funded advertising blitz has backfired, with new research revealing the “It won’t work, so why do it” campaign persuaded more people to support the plain packaging of cigarettes than oppose it. The Cancer Council Victoria survey of 2,101 Victorians who recalled the ad campaign found has found that more than eight out of ten (86.2%) respondents said the ad didn’t affect their view of plain pac ... Jump to full article >>

Cigarette packs set to be given plain packaging to deter youngsters from smoking

Tweet Cigarettes could be sold in plain packets under plans being considered by ministers to cut the number of young smokers. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley wants to ban ‘glitzy designs’ that he says make smoking more appealing. Ministers also argue that white boxes give a false ‘healthy image’. A spokeswoman from the Department of Health said colourful packs are widely accepted as the last form of marketing available for tobacco compani ... Jump to full article >>