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Hearing loss linked to passive smoking

Tweet People who are exposed to the second-hand smoke from others’ cigarettes are at increased risk of hearing loss, experts believe. Doctors already know that people who smoke can damage their hearing. The latest study in the journal Tobacco Control, involving more than 3,000 US adults, suggests the same is true of passive smoking. Experts believe tobacco smoke may disrupt blood flow in the small vessels of the ear. This could starve the o ... Jump to full article >>

Taxpayer-funded ‘charities’ will soon be in severe financial difficulties.

Tweet These days I usually do a double-take if I see someone smoking in a car when there are kids in the back. Something that two decades ago was seen as completely normal is now so weird it sends a signal to the back of the brain telling the unconscious that something isn’t right. It’s so socially unacceptable that if you asked any of the yummy mummies around my part of the world if they minded if you smoked around their kids, they’d proba ... Jump to full article >>

Book review: The Cigarette Book. By Chris Harrald and Fletcher Watkins.

Tweet Satirist Auberon Waugh argued that smokers are heroes because they die young and don’t clutter up hospitals, put a terrible strain on their children, or spend everything they have on nursing home fees. The late great Waugh is quoted in The Cigarette Book as suggesting that “passive smoking” is no more a danger to health than “passive hamburgers” or computer games. Here at last is a book by Camden authors Chris Harrald and Fletcher ... Jump to full article >>

WHO on passive smoking

Tweet The warning by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that passive smoking constitutes a global threat, is revealing and must be checked. The UN agency had in its second major report on the “tobacco epidemic” released last week, said second-hand or passive smoking killed nearly 600,000 people each year. WHO, which also warned that tobacco is still the leading preventable cause of death, killing five million people every year, said more and ... Jump to full article >>

Nick Minchin was a sceptic on tobacco

Tweet THERE must be something in the acronym ETS that makes leading climate change sceptic Nick Minchin see red. In the mid 1990s, the letters ETS stood for environmental tobacco smoke or passive smoking, as evidence around the world increasingly linked side-stream smoke to lung cancers in non-smokers and respiratory illnesses in children. Medical scientists and health professionals lobbied for tougher anti-smoking laws. They came to Canberra ar ... Jump to full article >>

Bars not stubbing out cigarettes: Survey

Tweet NEW DELHI: The hype surrounding ban on smoking at public places seems to have vanished into thin air. A recent survey shows that the ban has not been effectively implemented since it came into effect in October last year. The nationwide survey conducted by Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI) with 11 partner organisations found that over 60% of the bars and restaurants flouted anti-smoking rules. At least 211 public places were surv ... Jump to full article >>

Majlis proceeds with tobacco control bill

Tweet A tobacco control bill proposed by the government to ban smoking in public places and set restrictions on its use was sent to committee for further review today. All 55 MPs who participated voted in favour of sending the bill to the social affairs committee. Presenting the bill at a previous sitting, Health Minister Aminath Jameel said the dangers and health risks of tobacco were well established and the habit led to extreme suffering. “ ... Jump to full article >>

Chas goes it alone as Dave mourns loss of his wife to lung cancer possibly caused by passive smoking says agent

Tweet They pioneered the ‘rockney’ genre with their pub singalong tunes, music-hall humour and boogie-woogie piano. But Chas and Dave have revealed they will be rabitting on stage together no more. The pair, Charles Hodges and David Peacock, are going their separate ways after a career spanning almost 40 years. The band’s agent, Barry Collings, said Dave, 64, had been very badly affected by the loss of his wife after 36 years o ... Jump to full article >>


Tweet SMOKERS may soon be banned from their last refuges of pub beer gardens and doorways. Experts have found that bar staff are in just as much danger from passive smoking on patios as indoors. Scientists measured air quality in areas outside bars and found extremely high concentrations of cancer-causing chemicals. They say only a complete ban will adequately protect workers from second-hand smoke. The team from Toronto University in Canada car ... Jump to full article >>