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UNIK Corporation Discusses the Electronic Cigarette.

Tweet UNIK Corporation have found that electronic cigarettes are more popular than ever as smokers turn to these miracle products to get their fix of nicotine without the health risks that are associated with tar and tobacco. The “smoke-like” vapour emitted by an electronic cigarette vaporises within a few seconds, the odour does not linger so your clothes will not smell of tobacco, neither will your car or home! It leaves no visual ... Jump to full article >>

Illegal smokes tax tempers

Tweet Nearly half the cigarettes sold in Hong Kong are illegal because of high prices, a tobacco concern group claims. The finding was based on an informal “survey” carried out by the Vote Against Tax Hikes Alliance, which rummaged through dozens of trash bins in Lok Fu and Lam Tin public housing estates last month, picking up empty cigarette packages. Of the 200 boxes retrieved, 92 were either from the mainland, or on which duty was ... Jump to full article >>

Say ‘yes’ to Cracker Jacks, ‘no’ to tobacco

Tweet Smokeless tobacco, whether it’s a plug in the cheek or a pinch under the lip, has long been associated with baseball. It’s also associated with oral cancer, pancreatic cancer, tooth decay, gum disease and mouth lesions. Nicotine is addictive, whether it’s smoked or chewed, so the step from smokeless tobacco to cigarettes is a small one. Nicotine addiction, scientists have found, is an illness acquired in childhood. Almost no one start ... Jump to full article >>

E-cigarettes’ smoke screen

Tweet School districts should broaden bans on tobacco products to include electronic cigarettes. Young people shouldn’t smoke cigarettes or battery-operated nicotine-soaked cartridges. MOUNTING public dialogue about the safety of electronic cigarettes appropriately spurs school districts to broaden bans on tobacco products to prohibit them. The battery-operated devices the size of pens use nicotine-soaked replaceable cartridges to simulate ... Jump to full article >>

E-cigarette Consumer Group Promotes Freedom of Choice in Times Square

Tweet A new ad has appeared on the CBS SuperScreen in Times Square telling smokers they have a choice. National Vapers Club has furnished this ad and accompanying website in order to raise awareness about electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that vaporize a liquid — similar to that found in fog machines –that sometimes contains nicotine. They are in danger of being banned in many jurisdiction ... Jump to full article >>

$10,000 OK’d to fight tobacco aimed at youths

Tweet CLEARFIELD — Countering the tobacco industry’s efforts to market flavored tobacco and nicotine candy products is going to cost the Davis County Health Department thousands of dollars. However, the county is going to be getting a whole lot of funding help from the state. On Tuesday, the Davis County Commission approved a contract with the state health department to receive $10,000. The money will be used for the county health dep ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco Company Whistleblower Takes On Montana

Tweet KALISPELL, Mont. — One of the whistleblowers responsible for bringing down the major tobacco companies in the 90s is hitting five Montana cities in five days. Dr. Victor DeNoble worked for the largest tobacco supplier in the United States. DeNoble was allowed to break his sworn silence to the tobacco companies in 1994 telling congress the companies were lying about how lethal their products actually are. “ The seven executives, for ... Jump to full article >>

Proposed ban on flavored tobacco creates sparks

Tweet You wouldn’t think peach-flavored cigarillos would cause such a ruckus. Legislation to ban sales of kid-friendly tobacco products inspired fervent testimony from both supporters and opponents at a recent legislative hearing in Olympia. Public-health officials maintained that the brightly colored, flavored products start teens down a dark road to lifetime nicotine addiction. But critics countered that banning the popular products would ... Jump to full article >>

Miracle cure or menace? E-cigarette faces ban as safety debate rages over unregulated quit-smoking device

Tweet Advocates believe e-cigarettes provide a stepping-stone to quitting, but opponents say their health impact is unknown. Now New York is considering a state-wide ban… Hundreds of thousands of smokers who try to quit the habit fail every year despite trying exercise, nicotine patches and good old-fashioned will-power. Now electronic cigarettes are being touted as the latest ‘stop smoking’ device. These battery-powered sticks ... Jump to full article >>

E-Cigarette Industry Wins Federal Court Victory

Tweet The fledgling electronic-cigarette industry scored another victory against the Food and Drug Administration in federal court Monday, potentially setting the stage for the battery-powered devices to be regulated like conventional tobacco products. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit rejected the FDA’s request to have the entire court review a December decision by a three-judge panel that went against the age ... Jump to full article >>