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Flavored Tobacco Proposal Likely Leading to Lawsuit

Tweet A proposed Utah bill banning the sale of flavored tobacco products and novelty nicotine candies could lead to a lawsuit. A similar ban passed in New York City is being contested by several subsidiaries of Altria. Spokesman David Sutton says the lawsuit against the ban passed in the Big Apple argues regulating tobacco flavors is the purview of the federal government. “The Food and Drug Administration has overall authority for tobacco produ ... Jump to full article >>

Having the final say

Tweet SINGAPORE – The Health Minister will soon have the final say on what tobacco products and substitutes will be allowed here. Proposed changes to the law, which were introduced yesterday in Parliament, would give him flexibility to prohibit new or emerging products as well as existing ones. Mr Khaw Boon Wan had signalled his concern earlier this month that smokeless alternatives, which would include strips, lozenges, snus and nicotine c ... Jump to full article >>

An end to smokeless tobacco?

Tweet Singapore – It has long been available here as an alternative to cigarettes. But could there soon be tighter restrictions, or even an end, to snus? Snus is a moist powder tobacco product, consumed by placing it under the lip for a period of time. While it is not as common here as in the United States, Scandinavia and other parts of Asia, at least one online seller has seen increased orders of snus from Singapore. But amendments to the ... Jump to full article >>