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For tobacco states, a change is in the air

Tweet Virginia banned smoking in most restaurants a month ago — and not all of them mind. North Carolina follows suit. The changing face of the Old Dominion can be seen in the stuff Jimmy Cirrito sweeps up off the floor of his bar every night. It used to be cigarette butts — now it’s gum. “I got Nicorette and Bubblicious and green and yellow and purple. It looks like a circus down there,” said Cirrito, owner of Jimmy ... Jump to full article >>

Nicorette Puffs $15 Million Into Ad Blitz

Tweet Drug maker GlaxoSmithKline wants people to know that it “sucks” to quit smoking, but there’s a way to make it “suck less.” The maker of Nicorette, an over-the-counter nicotine-infused gum that helps some cigarette smokers wean themselves off nicotine, is launching a $15 million campaign that will break on prime-time TV networks ABC, CBS ( CBS – news – people ) and NBC this Monday. The ad blitz, crea ... Jump to full article >>