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E-cigs are Sold to Minors in Arizona

Tweet CBS 11 reporters took a hidden camera and visited several kiosks that sell electronic smoking devices across Arizona and found that the majority of them are selling their products to teenagers without even asking their age. Ok, everybody knows that electronic cigs are legal, and there are no written age-restrictions for their sales, at least currently. But, scientists doubt their safety for usage by human and particularly kids. Samir Sabry, ... Jump to full article >>

Governor Schwarzenegger Protects Adult Consumers’ Access to E-Cigarettes

Tweet Industry Hails Veto of Anti-Smoking Alternative Bill as Victory for Consumers, Common Sense Matt Salmon, president of the Electronic Cigarette Association (ECA), today praised California Governor Schwarzenegger’s wise decision to veto Senate Bill 400, which would have banned electronic cigarette sales in the state, protecting adult consumers’ access to these alternative smoking devices. “This is not just a victory for consumers and c ... Jump to full article >>