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Zimbabwe’s tobacco making a comeback

Tweet Zimbabwe’s hopes to return to economic prosperity largely depend upon its agriculture. And right now things are looking up, with a remarkable comeback of the tobacco crop, estimated to be 150 million kilograms, according to the Zimbabwe Standard. Last year Zimbabwe sold 131 million kgs for $360 million. Zimbabwe’s tobacco auctions are in full swing, after a slow start February, with international buyers flying in to buy Zimbabw ... Jump to full article >>

Say ‘yes’ to Cracker Jacks, ‘no’ to tobacco

Tweet Smokeless tobacco, whether it’s a plug in the cheek or a pinch under the lip, has long been associated with baseball. It’s also associated with oral cancer, pancreatic cancer, tooth decay, gum disease and mouth lesions. Nicotine is addictive, whether it’s smoked or chewed, so the step from smokeless tobacco to cigarettes is a small one. Nicotine addiction, scientists have found, is an illness acquired in childhood. Almost no one start ... Jump to full article >>

Camel promotion under fire

Tweet R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. has launched another edgy marketing campaign for marlboro cigarettes sale, this time having the iconic mascot visiting nine trendy U.S. destinations before coming home to Winston-Salem. Predictably, the campaign has drawn the ire of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, which tends to accuse Reynolds of trying to appeal to youth in its advertising, and health officials in at least one of the cities. The campaign also ... Jump to full article >>

Twitter Brings Massive Traffic to Popular E Cigarette Company

Tweet Twitter has been making headlines for a while now, but is it helping to spread the buzz on a controversial product? Many companies are aggressively marketing their sites through the Twitter medium while some companies seem to be benefiting from the service with no effort at all. There are a few sites and products on the internet that do not need some glam or slick marketing schemes to make use of Twitter. Just being what they are can create ... Jump to full article >>

Higher tobacco taxes could save 115 Million Lives

Tweet A study published in Nature Reviews Cancer of Canada, found that tripling tobacco taxes could deter new smokers, rapidly increase cessation rates, and save at least 115 million lives by 2050. The study findings also disclose that the other tobacco control measures such as public education campaigns, smoke-free laws, marketing bans and cessation treatments are also effective in reducing tobacco use. The study findings show that worldwide sm ... Jump to full article >>

Sheila Duffy: Young people key to stubbing out lethal habit

Tweet Youth engagement is helping put a stop to smoking, says Sheila Duffy THE increased involvement of young people in educating their peers about the harm caused by smoking will be a focus at ASH Scotland’s AGM in Edinburgh today. Thecigarettes online buy industry has always needed to attract young people to replace the 49,000 smokers in Scotland who quit or die every year. Annually, they are replaced by 15,000 young people who take up th ... Jump to full article >>

FDA Regulation Will Broadly Affect Big Tobacco

Tweet S&P Ratings says the newly signed regulatory bill will change the tobacco industry’s competitive landscape and raise future costs On June 22, President Barack Obama signed into law a tobacco regulatory bill giving the U.S. Food & Drug Administration oversight of the industry, including the tobacco companies’ manufacturing and marketing practices. The changing regulatory environment has raised questions about the credit ... Jump to full article >>