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Inmate allegedly breaks Whatcom jail window to smuggle in tobacco, marijuana

Tweet BELLINGHAM — An inmate in the Whatcom County Jail was charged Monday, April 11, for allegedly breaking out a window in his cell in March to smuggle in marijuana and tobacco. Daniel J. Faix, 26, allegedly broke a 4-inch by 4-foot hole in the window, which is on the jail’s second floor 23 feet above ground. He then fashioned bed sheets into a rope, which he used to bring the contraband into his cell, according to charging documents filed ... Jump to full article >>

Will The FDA Ban The Dangerous Cannabis E-Cig?

Tweet The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is going to be thinking about if they should bar the selling of a type of cigarette marketed as having the capacity to administer marijuana just about anywhere. A majority of these advertisements are criticized for insinuating the newest electronic cigarette enables you to get high in public without being detected. Having its emphasis on providing doses of cannabis, the FDA claims this kind of electro ... Jump to full article >>

Drug Paraphernalia Charges to Be Dropped Against Tobacco Chain Owner

Tweet Prosecutors have agreed to drop possession criminal charges against the owner of a chain of Polk County tobacco stores. Tammi Siegfried, 35, signed a “pretrial intervention contract” Tuesday to avoid prosecution. She has agreed to stop selling products that sheriff’s deputies said are sometimes purchased by drug users. Siegfried was arrested last month after deputies seized bongs, grinders, scales and other merchandise fro ... Jump to full article >>

Court tosses out city’s tobacco-sales ordinance

Tweet A narrowly divided state Supreme Court has voided a 4-year-old city ordinance that was designed to curtail the use of cigars, cigarettes, rolling papers and other tobacco products as vehicles for marijuana and other illegal drugs, the court announced Thursday. The state’s high court ruled 4-3 that the ordinance, sponsored by Councilman Brian O’Neill, was inconsistent with state law regulating tobacco products and drug parapherna ... Jump to full article >>

Former New Mexico Governor admits to smoking marijuana… for medicinal purposes

Tweet Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has admitted smoking marijuana for three years. He said he started smoking the drug for medicinal purposes and said: ‘For luck, I guess, I wasn’t arrested’. The Republican politician ran New Mexico from 1995 to 2003. In 2005 he was involved in a near-fatal accident breaking multiple bones, including his back. His paragliding wing got caught in a tree and he fell approximately fifty f ... Jump to full article >>

Nicotine even worse than thought

Tweet When folks talk about gateway drugs that lead to addictions and a variety of problems, they should be focusing on nicotine. The data from a variety of sources show that early use of tobacco is related to addictions and other problems that are likely to follow. By early use, I am referring to tobacco use that often starts during the middle school grades. A recent statewide survey in Arkansas found that the average age of first tobacco use wa ... Jump to full article >>

City officials, smoke shops await Prop. 19 vote

Tweet For Napa Valley business owners, dreams of selling legal marijuana are still hazy. While Californians prepare to vote Tuesday on Proposition 19, which would legalize the use of recreational marijuana, other Bay Area cities are abuzz with the possibilities of Amsterdam-style cafes that sell joints beside java. Not so in the valley. Liquor store owners are wary that the federal government could revoke their liquor licenses. Smoke shop owners ... Jump to full article >>

Massacre of 6 men in Mexico City makes residents wonder if drug war has reached their streets

Tweet MEXICO CITY (AP) — Armed men rumbled into a gritty neighborhood of the Mexican capital Thursday and gunned down six men hanging around a convenience store, fueling fears that one of the world’s largest cities is falling prey to the cartel-style violence that has long terrorized other parts of the country. More than 50 people have been killed in the past week in five apparently unrelated massacres, including four shot Thursday near ... Jump to full article >>

Marijuana law would propel California into unknown territory

Tweet Vote yes on Proposition 19, the measure to legalize marijuana, and the unofficial state weed and largest cash crop will be controlled like alcohol, police will focus on serious crimes and California will get billions of dollars in new taxes. That’s the pitch proponents make. “It’s a jumbled legal nightmare,” opponents retort, disputing those claims and insisting that the measure would lead to stoned nurses in hospita ... Jump to full article >>

Jail officers astonished by inmate’s contraband

Tweet Police in Wenatchee are surprised at the amount of contraband an inmate was able to smuggle into the jail rectally. The Wenatchee World said the man internally carried a cigarette lighter, rolling papers, a baggie of tobacco the size of a golf ball, a smaller baggie of marijuana, a 1-inch smoking pipe, a bottle of tattoo ink and eight tattoo needles. Sgt. John Kruse said the volume of contraband left officers wondering. Chelan County Region ... Jump to full article >>