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Lawmakers asked to free kids from cigarettes

Tweet Six-year-old Alon gets a daily allowance of P20 for food and school supplies. With that she can buy either a stick of banana-cue and one cup of juice, or a small bag of chips and 10 pieces of candy, or 2 kiddie cigarette packs, with each pack containing 5 cigarette sticks. That’s how shockingly affordable cigarettes are to kids these days. Coupled with a weak implementation of the law prohibiting sale to minors, it’s no wonder why at le ... Jump to full article >>

Chewing Tobacco for Kids Spreads Oral Cancer in India

Tweet Safiq Shaikh was 13 when he began chewing a blend of tobacco and spices that jolted him awake when his job at a textile loom got too dreary. Five years later, doctors in Mumbai lopped off his tongue to halt the cancer that was spreading through his mouth. Shaikh believed the fragrant, granular mixture he chewed, known in India as gutka, was a harmless stimulant and at first he ignored the milky lump growing inside his mouth. Now Shaikh is o ... Jump to full article >>

Colorado Ranks 27th in Protecting Kids from Tobacco

Tweet Colorado ranks 27th in the nation in funding programs to prevent kids from smoking and help smokers quit, according to a national report released today by a coalition of public health organizations. Colorado currently spends $7 million a year on tobacco prevention and cessation programs, which is 12.9 percent of the $54.4 million recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Other key findings for Colorado includ ... Jump to full article >>

Fired Up over New Tobacco Regulations

Tweet Harrisburg, Pa. – People who like to light up are fired up over new rules concerning how tobacco can be bought, sold and advertised. Those rules come straight from the federal government. Smokers feel singled out and picked on. Here in Pennsylvania, every time there’s a budget crunch, cigarette taxes get raised. The state recently passed an indoor smoking ban. Now come new laws from the Food and Drug Administration. The intent ... Jump to full article >>

New law closes loopholes on new tobacco products aimed at kids

Tweet Minnesota’s tobacco laws are strengthened to reduce youth access to tobacco products under a bill signed into law this week. The measure, known as the Tobacco Modernization and Compliance Act of 2010, authored by Senator Scott Dibble and Representative Jim Davnie, both DFL-Minneapolis, closes loopholes in current state law that allows many new tobacco products to skirt or avoid the taxation and regulation currently applied to cigarett ... Jump to full article >>

Taxpayer-funded ‘charities’ will soon be in severe financial difficulties.

Tweet These days I usually do a double-take if I see someone smoking in a car when there are kids in the back. Something that two decades ago was seen as completely normal is now so weird it sends a signal to the back of the brain telling the unconscious that something isn’t right. It’s so socially unacceptable that if you asked any of the yummy mummies around my part of the world if they minded if you smoked around their kids, they’d proba ... Jump to full article >>

Ark. Law Bans Smoking With Kids In Car

Tweet Smoking with young children in the car can be dangerous to their health, and in Arkansas it’s also against the law. The law was passed in 2008, one reason why some smokers 40/29 talked with had no idea it even exists. Fayetteville resident R.L. Jackson said, “I’ve never heard of the law before.” Jackson has been a smoker for a long time, and was raised in a smoking environment himself. “I grew up with a father smoking and ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco companies target kids, Utah health officials say

Tweet Don’t tell David Neville that those grape-flavored mini-cigars behind the counter at every local convenience store are aimed at mature smokers. “They’re already hooked,” Neville says of longtime smokers. Instead, tobacco companies are targeting “the kid with the grape Slurpie that comes to the counter,” wondering if the sweetened nicotine will complement his drink, Neville says. Or whether the chocolate-m ... Jump to full article >>

Hazard in plain sight? ‘Crossover products’ may help hook kids on smoking, drugs

Tweet Flavored blunt wraps, used to roll tobacco and frequently marijuana, are available at least four Marblehead convenience stores, and are specifically marketed toward teens, Redford says. When North Shore Tobacco Control Officer Joyce Redford approaches a convenience store checkout counter, her eyes look past the barrage of colors of candy, gum packets, lottery tickets, knickknacks and lighters. Instead, she is searching for what she calls ... Jump to full article >>