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Failed tobacco tax sees hopes go up in smoke

Tweet Smokers may evade the indoor smoking ban by sneaking puffs, but evading the tobacco tax is more dangerous. The 50 percent tax hike last February increased the cost of buying a pack of cigarettes and smokers, like most savvy consumers looking for a deal, are finding cheaper packs can be bought on the black market. The poorest class is always the most vulnerable to fake products or drugs, and with knowledge that the tobacco hike is increasing ... Jump to full article >>

County officials may put indoor smoking ban in voters’ hands

Tweet Even though a county legislator says residents should decide whether they want to ban indoor cheap cigarettes, some voters want no part of it. A number of shoppers at South County Center last week said that while they understand the health benefits of a ban, they don’t like any part of it because it interferes with personal freedoms. Carrie Niethe, of South County, says she agrees everyone should be able to voice their opinion about t ... Jump to full article >>