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NYC: Poospatuck Illegal Cig Sales Caught on Tape

Tweet New York City investigators say cigarette dealers at the Poospatuck Indian reservation have been caught on undercover videotape illegally selling untaxed smokes for re-sale at city bodegas. One alleged seller at a Mastic smokeshop says on tape “the less I know, the better” during the sting operation, part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ongoing fight to stop reservations statewide from selling untaxed cigarettes that end up in the city, ... Jump to full article >>


Tweet You may have missed it, but New York got a brand-new Indian reservation this month — consisting entirely of two Upstate convenience stores. A state appellate court ruled that the outlets, owned and operated by the Cayuga Indian tribe on nonreservation land, count as a “qualified reservation” for taxing purposes, thus voiding local efforts to halt the Cayugas’ illicit tobacco trade. The tribe claims its “soverei ... Jump to full article >>