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Drug Paraphernalia Charges to Be Dropped Against Tobacco Chain Owner

Tweet Prosecutors have agreed to drop possession criminal charges against the owner of a chain of Polk County tobacco stores. Tammi Siegfried, 35, signed a “pretrial intervention contract” Tuesday to avoid prosecution. She has agreed to stop selling products that sheriff’s deputies said are sometimes purchased by drug users. Siegfried was arrested last month after deputies seized bongs, grinders, scales and other merchandise fro ... Jump to full article >>

Marathon County leads state in underage tobacco sales

Tweet More illegal sales of cigarettes were made to minors in Marathon County during state-sponsored stings than in any other county this year. According to the state program Wisconsin Wins, which has organized statewide tobacco compliance checks since 2002, 23 illegal sales were made during 99 checks performed in Marathon County from June through October. Marathon edged Milwaukee County, which performed 406 checks, by one sale. All of the 45 Lin ... Jump to full article >>

Retailers Unite to Fight U.K. Cigarette Display Ban

Tweet An upcoming cigarette display ban in the United Kingdom, passed as a part of the 2009 Health Act, is not sitting well with tobacco groups and corner store trade bodies, and both have been “barraging” government officials with claims that the ban will trigger an increase in illegal sales while forcing many small retailers out of business. The lobbying effort comes in advance of a display ban that is to take effect next October for superm ... Jump to full article >>

Illegal sales: Tobacco store are in danger of closing

Tweet Convenience stores in Fredericton want the federal and provincial government to get involved in the fight against the sale of illegal cigarettes. “Right now, contraband tobacco is our biggest issue,” said Mike Hammoud, president of the Atlantic Convenience Stores Association. He said convenience stores are in danger of closing because of the sluggish economy, rising costs, strict rules and regulations, and illegal tobacco. Hammo ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco Sales to Minors Decrease in Santa Barbara

Tweet Illegal sales of tobacco to minors increased in some areas of Santa Barbara County in 2009, but the number decreased significantly in the city of Santa Barbara, according to data released Tuesday by the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department. Guadalupe was the only city in the county that didn’t sell any tobacco to a minor during undercover buy operations last year. Illegal sales increased in Goleta, Buellton, Lompoc, Solvang and u ... Jump to full article >>