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10 years of kicking ash

Tweet It was an innocuous beginning to one of the most acrimonious municipal debates ever held in the nation’s capital, a precursor of sorts to all the emotionally charged debates — LRT, Lansdowne redevelopment, zero means zero — that were to follow. None of the follow-up acts, though, could match the city’s smoking bylaw for its furor and take-no-prisoners rancor. Before it was over, the city’s medical officer of health would need a b ... Jump to full article >>

Editorial: Smoking ban an important step to take

Tweet San Luis Obispo made history when it became the first city in the nation to outlaw indoor smoking in public places — and it should forever be proud of helping to alert the nation to the dangers of second-hand smoke. Tonight, the City Council has another opportunity to protect public health. It will consider banning smoking at several outdoor venues, including city parks, sports facilities, trails and open spaces, as well as Mission Plaza ... Jump to full article >>

Hawkins gives Kiwanis Club history lesson

Tweet Hartsville native and President of Gold Leaf Seed Co. Marion Hawkins gave the Hartsville Kiwanis a lesson in the history of the tobacco industry and his company at the group’s weekly meeting on Thursday at the Hartsville Country Club. During colonial days, Hawkins said, tobacco was one of the nation’s biggest exports. In the mid 1800s, tobacco was booming when Duke Co. in Durham. Since early 1900s it’s grown in lower part of South Car ... Jump to full article >>

Winston Churchill D-Day cigar discovered

Tweet A cigar smoked by Prime Minister Winston Churchill as he planned D-Day has been discovered in a small market village – after being hidden for over 50 years. The cigar has now been valued at £800 by an expert during the filming of the Antiques Roadshow. Student Christian Williams, 33, was given the cigar when he was just 12 by his grandad Ronald Williams, a WWII veteran. At over six inches long the cigar has never been touched by its ... Jump to full article >>

Scholars’ Right to Keep Unpublished Work Private Is at Issue in Lawsuit

Tweet In a case with potentially major implications for scholars and publishers, a Stanford University professor who often serves as an expert witness against tobacco companies is fighting an effort by lawyers for the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company to obtain the manuscript of his unpublished and unfinished book on that industry. A Florida state court judge has already authorized the tobacco company’s lawyers to issue a subpoena requiring Ro ... Jump to full article >>

Pub plans to make tobacco history

Tweet A 17th century pub near where Sir Walter Raleigh is rumoured to have first smoked a pipe of tobacco is to run a stop-smoking course. The Long Arms in South Wraxall near Bradford-on-Avon, in Wiltshire, is just two fields away from South Wraxall Manor, where legend has it tobacco was smoked for the first time in England. Landlady Jacqui Price, who has run the pub with her husband Bob for the past four years, is signing up to the sessions alon ... Jump to full article >>

Puff by puff, inch by inch

Tweet “DON’T forget the cigarettes for Tommy,” ran one patriotic British ditty during the first world war. American generals told their government they needed “tobacco as much as bullets”; charities sent cigarettes to the front-line. After the war, non-smokers seemed odd. The crime writer, Agatha Christie, even apologised for not smoking. She had tried many times, she said, but just could not like it. In this solidly researched, intere ... Jump to full article >>