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State-funded tobacco-prevention program on the chopping block

Tweet HELENA — University of Montana sophomore Bambi Erving says the state’s anti-tobacco programs not only convinced her to quit smoking but also helped turn her life around at age 15. Erving, of Plains, had left her family’s troubled home to move into a trailer house with other teenagers and young adults, where she said drug, alcohol and tobacco use was the norm. A high school counselor suggested that she get involved with reACT, a youth ... Jump to full article >>

Smokeless tobacco on the rise at Ridgewood High School

Tweet Smokeless tobacco use is on the rise – according to national statistics, but also according to anecdotes from Ridgewood High School (RHS) Principal Jack Lorenz. At a presentation Tuesday night given by a prevention specialist with The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources, a program of Children’s Aid and Family Services, a handful of Ridgewood parents listened and learned about the dangers of smokeless tobacco and why it is grow ... Jump to full article >>

Chewing tobacco use rises among high-school boys

Tweet San Francisco Giants slugger Pat Burrell sneaks a pinch in the dugout, his lip swollen with a wad of chaw in his TV close-ups. At the plate, the back pocket of Pablo Sandoval bulges with a round tin of chewing tobacco. It’s hard to miss the signs of a chewing tobacco habit that Major League Baseball can’t seem to quit — a decade after the minor leagues kicked chaw out of their dugouts. The use of chewing tobacco is rising ... Jump to full article >>

School is in, but smoking definitely out

Tweet Mississippi high school student Michael Henderson appreciates the fact that he can go to school and not feel pressure from his classmates to use tobacco products. “I am 100 percent behind the ‘no tobacco products on school campuses’ rule because there is less chance of peer pressure,” said Henderson. School is about learning, and students shouldn’t have to worry about being pressured to try tobacco products whi ... Jump to full article >>

Penns Grove High School recognized as tobacco free

Tweet The last day in March 2010 proved special for Penns Grove High School. The school was recognized as a School of Excellence for implementing a 100 percent, tobacco-free policy by three leading anti-tobacco organizations. The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), along with two of its programs, the Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program (CTCP) and the Reaching Everyone By Exposing Lies (REBEL) Program acknowledged the hig ... Jump to full article >>

Tax eyed after teen tobacco report

Tweet Massachusetts high school nurses say they have noticed fewer students smoking cigarettes. But, they can’t be sure if more are switching to smokeless tobacco as a substitute. “(There is) definitely less smoking that we can detect on their clothes,” said Marlborough High’s Virginia Gadbois, a school nurse since 1986, following the release earlier this month of survey that indicates teens have switched from cigarettes t ... Jump to full article >>

Ohio LGBT Kids To “Butt Out”

Tweet A chilling statistic about local teen smoking is the reason for a new program that’s being rolled out across Ohio Wednesday, starting in Cleveland. Nationally, about 25% of High School aged kids smoke. The figure is a bit lower in Ohio, where 19 percent of High School students use cigarettes. But there’s a pocket of teens much more likely to light up. Surveys show that Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender youth have smoking rates a ... Jump to full article >>

Chew on this: Outsiders not immune to troubling use of chewing tobacco among high school athletes

Tweet The Outsiders are an ever-expanding beacon of hope for youth baseball players in the Bronx, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of the players, including their health and well-being. So when you attend an Outsiders game and hear the inevitable “Who’s got dip?” chorus, it can be jarring. But the truth is, tobacco use – especially “dipping” with snuff – has been synonymous with the Outsi ... Jump to full article >>