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Teenager Heroin Addiction: ’20/20′ Examines Suburban Phenomenon

Tweet NEW YORK — In the opening moments of ABC’s “20/20” on Friday, a 21-year-old blonde named Ashley says in her suburban Minneapolis bedroom, “I don’t look like a heroin addict.” It’s a pointed introduction to an hourlong special about the phenomenon of suburban youngsters being targeted by drug dealers as consumers of a potent form of heroin that doesn’t need to be injected. “I’ve ... Jump to full article >>

The pure form of heroin so potent it can kill – available for just £7

Tweet A potent wave of cheap heroin which can kill users before they pull the syringe from their veins is spreading across America. Drug smugglers are selling the ‘black tar’ substance for as little as £7 ($10) a bag, raising concerns that its cost will widen its appeal with addicts. The heroin – named for its dark, gooey consistency – which is being grown in Mexico and Colombia and taken to the U.S., is so pure, it can kill unsuspecting ... Jump to full article >>

Deadly, Ultra-Pure Heroin Arrives In US

Tweet Mexican drug smugglers are increasingly peddling a form of ultra-potent heroin that sells for as little as $10 a bag and is so pure it can kill unsuspecting users instantly, sometimes before they even remove the syringe from their veins. An Associated Press review of drug overdose data shows that so-called “black tar” heroin – named for its dark, gooey consistency – and other forms of the drug are contributing to a ... Jump to full article >>

‘Iron Man’ actor Robert Downey Jr. tells Rolling Stone about prison, heroin, cocaine and the future

Tweet Robert Downey Jr. is an “Iron Man” indeed: The bad boy actor admits he felt the safest he’s ever been when behind bars. “When the door clicks shut, then you are safe,” says the veteran actor, who spent a good amount of time between 1996 and 2001 in prison for drug use and possession. “There is nothing aside from a rogue correctional officer that can do you harm if you have the right cellie. You are actual ... Jump to full article >>