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Majority of smokers ‘want to quit’

Tweet Almost four fifths of Irish smokers want to quit according to research released today. According to the Europe Quitting: Progress and Pathways Report Irish smokers come second only Luxembourg in their desire to give up. Some 79 per cent of smokers who were surveyed here claimed they wanted to quit compared with 83 per cent in Luxembourg. The figures are well above the European average of 67 per cent. The research among 2,482 healthcare prof ... Jump to full article >>

Pregnant women, new mothers get more protections under healthcare law

Tweet Among the changes: expanding Medicaid’s reach, preventive screenings, support services and insurance coverage requirements By the time women reach 44 years old, roughly 85% have given birth. Yet even though pregnancy and childbirth are so commonplace, health insurance coverage and support services to keep mothers and babies healthy are often seriously deficient. Some private insurers, for example, treat pregnancy as a preexisting con ... Jump to full article >>

Healthcare perks may be harder to come by

Tweet Does your company pay your gym membership? Better start using it. Hundreds of thousands of Americans who get their health insurance through their employers have gotten used to company perks such as reduced-cost gym memberships, free weight-loss or smoking-cessation programs, or getting cash back for filling out health-assessment profiles. But a new survey reports that a small but growing group of firms will be imposing tougher requirements ... Jump to full article >>

Lobbying allegations: Byers beware

Tweet Another day, another political scandal and Stephen Byers has just referred himself to the standards watchdog. Oh dear. I had hoped to write about Barack Obama’s costly victory in the important battle to inject greater fairness and efficiency into the American healthcare system. Of course Obama’s win – and the boost it gives his battered presidency – is much more important than what Byers said to a young woman he thought repr ... Jump to full article >>

Brown fights for smoking ban

Tweet State Rep. Charlie Brown, D-Gary, will hold Senate legislation hostage unless he gets a Senate vote on a statewide smoking ban. Brown said Wednesday he is sending a message to the Senate by refusing to sign Senate Bill 175 until two state senators sign House Bill 1132, which contains the smoking ban. Neither proposal can advance from conference committee to a final floor vote until two members of each chamber agree to the language in each m ... Jump to full article >>