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Effects of ‘thirdhand’ smoke pose health threat

Tweet That smell lingering hours after cigarettes have been put out is more dangerous than once expected, specialists say. According to a local researcher who participated in a national study, many smokers aren’t aware that “thirdhand” smoke exposure is harmful. Along with his colleagues, Mississippi State University professor Robert McMillen coined the term “thirdhand” smoke, which is defined as residual tobacco smoke contamination tha ... Jump to full article >>

Electronic cigarettes not a drug device, judge says

Tweet Electronic cigarettes will remain on the market for now, after a federal judge’s ruling this week that could have wider implications for federal regulation of tobacco products. Some tobacco-control advocates warned that if upheld, the ruling could give rise to a host of new, nicotine-laced products that historically have been restricted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The preliminary ruling said electronic cigarettes are not ... Jump to full article >>

PAKISTAN: Youth blasé about `shisha’ smoking risks

Tweet In a smoke-filled room in Lahore, Pakistan, a small group of teenagers pass a `shisha’ (water pipe) round a table. Strawberry essence has been added to the tobacco, making a fruity aroma. “We come to this café at least once a week to share a `shisha’,” said Zeeshan Ahmed, aged 16. “Our parents don’t mind us smoking `shisha’ and it is not dangerous,” said Fyza Imad, also 16. Shisha smoking has become fashionable over the las ... Jump to full article >>

Smoking has consequences

Tweet Re “Ex-smoker wins tobacco lawsuit”: In 1968, Ms. Naugle took up smoking, allegedly unaware that smoking cigarettes is addictive and harmful to a smoker’s health. I remember my beloved grandmother admonishing me in 1946, or was it 1947, to never smoke: “Young man, don’t you ever smoke; it’s a dirty, unhealthy, expensive habit!” Furthermore, from 1965 on, all packages of cigarettes carried the warnin ... Jump to full article >>

Threats of Execution May Keep China Products Safer

Tweet China executed two people and imprisoned others as a warning not to endanger the public safety by producing harmful exports. On November 24, a dairy farmer and a milk salesman were put to death in the 2008 scheme to water down infant formula that left at least six children dead and sickened more than 300,000. In a move to reassure the world that China will protect its exports from unethical producers, those responsible were severely punishe ... Jump to full article >>