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Middle classes face higher taxes under Government plans

Tweet Workers who have saved to invest in shares and property will face higher taxes on their assets, the Government confirmed. The Queen’s Speech ended hopes of a climb-down on tax rises for the middle classes, with an unqualified commitment to increase capital gains tax. It also set out plans to raise taxes on the pay of those earning more than £45,000 and paved the way for bringing forward an increase in the retirement age. As part of ... Jump to full article >>

Why are we punishing smokers?

Tweet Despite the government’s efforts, people keep smoking – so what does our eagerness to make them suffer say about us? Andy Burnham has set himself the almighty challenge of halving the number of smokers, from a fifth of the population to a tenth. The hope is that this is like any other target – that with sufficient political will and enough public sector workers given the responsibility to turn the dream into a reality, anything ca ... Jump to full article >>

Government ‘arrogant’ over smokeless tobacco decision

Tweet The decision to not legalise smokeless tobacco has been labelled as “arrogant” by a former Conservative minister. During Commons health questions, Christopher Chope (Con, Christchurch) said that through introducing the use of a smokeless tobacco snus, 30,000 lives could be saved each year. He stated: “Don’t you realise that based on the Swedish experience, if snus was legalised in the UK, it would save up to 30,000 ... Jump to full article >>

Punitive tax policy is wrong-headed

Tweet SOME TOBACCO companies have pulled another one on the federal government. By relabeling their product, the companies are avoiding a punitive tax placed on rollyour-own tobacco products. Congress and the Obama administration raised taxes on tobacco products earlier this year, with taxes on tobacco for roll-your-own cheap cigarettes skyrocketing from $1.10 per pound to $24.78 per pound. That’s more than a 2,000-percent jump. Ostensibly, the ... Jump to full article >>

Illegal Cigarette Smuggling Ring Gets Extinguished In Wales Tobacco Crack Down

Tweet More than 60,000 illicit cigarettes and almost 160 kilos of tobacco, including a haul concealed in boxing punch bags – have been seized in south Wales. This week as HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) continues its crack down on those who smuggle and sell non duty paid tobacco products. The punch bags, containing 53 kilos of loose tobacco, were seized at a Newport distribution centre before they could be delivered to a house in Cardiff. Offic ... Jump to full article >>

Austria tops teen smokers ranking

Tweet Aufzählung Doctor warns of ‘health time bomb’ developments. Aufzählung Fresh call made for prevention campaign. Vienna. Austria has the highest percentage of 15-year-old smokers, 25 per cent, in Europe, according to a Vienna doctor. Manfred Neuberger, the head of the preventive-medicine division at Vienna Medical University, added the number of Austrian youth who smoked had been steadily increasing since 1997 and that 145,891 Austri ... Jump to full article >>

Scientists rebel at drug czar, David Nutt, sacking

Tweet The head of Britain’s leading medical research organisation rounded on the government yesterday for sacking its principal drugs adviser. Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, chief executive of the Medical Research Council, said scientists must be allowed to give “unfettered advice without the fear of reprisal”. His criticism followed the abrupt dismissal of David Nutt on Friday. This weekend Nutt said many of his colleagues on the advisory council ... Jump to full article >>

Anti-smoking regulations fail to see the light of day

Tweet JEDDAH: New anti-smoking regulations that were approved by the Cabinet in August 2003 have not yet been implemented and there is no date fixed to do so, said Dr. Majid Al-Munif, head of the Anti-Smoking Program at the Ministry of Health. “The regulations are yet to be studied and no specified time has been fixed to implement them,” said Al-Munif. He added that specialists from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance, the ... Jump to full article >>


Tweet [caption id="attachment_8194" align="alignleft" width="285" caption="An army of shopkeepers will do so if the government ban over the counter cigarette sales"][/caption] AN ARMY of shopkeepers will boycott Labour at the ballot box if the Government bans over-the-counter cigarette sales. Posters will go up in thousands of newsagents across the country urging customers to back the protest if the Health Bill becomes law. The Bill, which could ... Jump to full article >>

Government ban on cigarette displays in shops may fail legal test, QC tells trade

Tweet Campaigners argue that removing cigarettes from retailers’ shelves will reduce smoking among children A flagship government anti-smoking scheme that would ban Britain’s shops from displaying cigarettes would be “unenforceable”, according to one of the country’s leading QCs. The plan to prevent shops from selling tobacco products unless they are kept entirely out of sight of customers is due to be debated and voted on by MPs t ... Jump to full article >>