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The Philip Morris Theory of Global Warming

Tweet Damn the facts. Climate change is not happening, just like smoking doesn’t cause cancer. We all know the long history of Big Tobacco and their attempts to kill bans on second-hand smoke and their hire-a-scientist strategy to delay regulatory impact on their pocketbooks. My all-time favorite line: “I got a BA in kicking ass and taking names.” Many of the same people who worked on the discount tobacco industry front shifted ... Jump to full article >>

Climate Cover-Up / The Crusade to Deny Global Warming

Tweet Starting in the early 1990s, three large American industry groups set to work on strategies to cast doubt on the science of climate change. Even though the oil industry’s own scientists had declared, as early as 1995, that human-induced climate change was undeniable, the American Petroleum Institute, the Western Fuels Association (a coal-fired electrical industry consortium) and a Philip Morris-sponsored anti-science group called TASSC al ... Jump to full article >>