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Gordon Brown plays last card – proffering his resignation

Tweet PM resigns in bid to secure power-sharing deal with Clegg Tories respond with offer of referendum on electoral reform Lib Dems held secret talks with Labour on possible pact The British political landscape was transformed last night as an unbridled bidding war for power led to Gordon Brown proffering his resignation as prime minister in a dramatic attempt to secure Labour a power-sharing government with the Liberal Democrats. Brown’ ... Jump to full article >>

General Election 2010: Lib Dems may demand Gordon Brown’s exit

Tweet While this would please many within Labour, including some Cabinet ministers, the party’s rules and complex voting system mean that his departure would create a constitutional and political minefield. Even if Mr Brown could be persuaded to stand aside, the process for electing a replacement is so lengthy that Labour would be without a leader, and, potentially, the country without a prime minister, for weeks or even months. [caption id="at ... Jump to full article >>

General Election 2010: David Cameron wins Witney with increased majority

Tweet David Cameron called on Gordon Brown to quit as Prime Minister this morning as voters overwhelmingly rejected Labour but failed to hand the Tories an outright majority. The Tory leader said that the Government ‘had lost its mandate to govern.’ The BBC predicted that the Tories would be the biggest party in a hung parliament after they secured their biggest swing against Labour for 80 years. And with more than 500 results declar ... Jump to full article >>

General Election 2010: voters go to the polls in tightest election in decades

Tweet Millions of people across Britain will today go to the polls in the most tightly-contested General Election in a generation. A string of eve-of-election opinion polls gave David Cameron’s Conservatives a clear lead over Labour and the Liberal Democrats, but suggested that the Tories will not reach the level of support they need to claim an overall majority in the House of Commons. With around 50,000 polling stations opening at 7am to ... Jump to full article >>

General election 2010: Battered Gordon Brown finds his voice

Tweet Plea to voters to spurn Lib Dems Warm reception for rousing speech Balls endorses tactical voting Gordon Brown today makes an impassioned appeal to progressive voters in the 100 key marginals of Britain to swing behind Labour on Thursday as the only way to secure radical political reform, insisting a vote for the Liberal Democrats in these seats will kill off hopes of a fair society for a generation. His warning comes after he dramaticall ... Jump to full article >>

General Election 2010: hidden tax rises awaiting voters

Tweet Labour would need to increase taxes by an average of more than £200 for every family, in addition to rises already announced, to meet its financial commitments, the Institute of Fiscal Studies has said. The Government has already announced increases of £550 a year per household to be introduced over the next 12 months. The economists said Labour had still to announce another £7 billion of rises, meaning that taxes would rise by £24 bil ... Jump to full article >>

TV debates have the public the power held by interviewers

Tweet Evolution will of the debates will increase the public’s ability to hold politicians to account. SIR – While sharing Charles Moore’s nostalgia (Comment, April 26) for those Harold Wilson pipe-lighting moments, he need not fear for the health of television’s contribution to election campaigns. Messrs Paxman, Marr and the rest can speak for themselves and for set-piece interviews, but allow me to defend the leaders’ ... Jump to full article >>