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$10,000 OK’d to fight tobacco aimed at youths

Tweet CLEARFIELD — Countering the tobacco industry’s efforts to market flavored tobacco and nicotine candy products is going to cost the Davis County Health Department thousands of dollars. However, the county is going to be getting a whole lot of funding help from the state. On Tuesday, the Davis County Commission approved a contract with the state health department to receive $10,000. The money will be used for the county health dep ... Jump to full article >>

Bill would ban flavored tobacco in Utah

Tweet SALT LAKE CITY — A bill before the 2011 Legislature would outlaw flavored tobacco products targeted at children, but at least one shop owner says the measure could inadvertently ban certain types of pipe tobacco as well. Rep. Paul Ray, R-Clearfield, said his bill, HB170, is an attempt to stop the sale of flavored tobacco products, which are similarly packaged like candy and gum. “They’re really targeting children with the ... Jump to full article >>

Proposed ban on flavored tobacco creates sparks

Tweet You wouldn’t think peach-flavored cigarillos would cause such a ruckus. Legislation to ban sales of kid-friendly tobacco products inspired fervent testimony from both supporters and opponents at a recent legislative hearing in Olympia. Public-health officials maintained that the brightly colored, flavored products start teens down a dark road to lifetime nicotine addiction. But critics countered that banning the popular products would ... Jump to full article >>

Court tosses out city’s tobacco-sales ordinance

Tweet A narrowly divided state Supreme Court has voided a 4-year-old city ordinance that was designed to curtail the use of cigars, cigarettes, rolling papers and other tobacco products as vehicles for marijuana and other illegal drugs, the court announced Thursday. The state’s high court ruled 4-3 that the ordinance, sponsored by Councilman Brian O’Neill, was inconsistent with state law regulating tobacco products and drug parapherna ... Jump to full article >>

Smokeless tobacco warning for parents

Tweet WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Alarming statistics are causing the Palm Beach County health department to warn parents about smokeless tobacco. According to the health department twenty percent of Palm Beach County high school students and seven percent of middle schoolers use tobacco. The reason the health department is so concerned with these smokeless products is that they’re flavored, and they’re sold in ordinary convenience ... Jump to full article >>

Judge upholds ban on flavored-tobacco sales

Tweet A legal assault against the city’s upcoming ban on flavored smokeless tobacco got chewed up in court. Manhattan federal Judge Colleen McMahon refused to block the law — slated to go into effect in April — on grounds that local governments can regulate tobacco products not covered by federal law. “Congress expressed a clear and unmistakable preference for limiting the federal government’s role to setting a floor ... Jump to full article >>

Star Scientific seeks FDA approval for “safer” smokeless tobacco

Tweet Star Scientific Inc. is seeking the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval to market its smokeless tobacco lozenges as a reduced-risk product, setting up a key test for the federal agency’s new regulatory powers over tobacco. Star, a small Richmond-area company that makes two best smoking brands of smokeless products, said yesterday that it had filed an application with the FDA to market a new version of its Ariva smokeles ... Jump to full article >>

State officials move to fight candy-flavored tobacco

Tweet State officials are seeking $3 million in federal stimulus money to snuff out candy-flavored chewing tobacco and cigars that critics say are aimed at youths. If the Department of Health Services receives the federal grant and lawmakers approve, it would fund a statewide campaign to persuade local communities around Wisconsin to ban sales of products like cherry-flavored chaw. A state official said this backdoor approach could eventually lea ... Jump to full article >>

Hazard in plain sight? ‘Crossover products’ may help hook kids on smoking, drugs

Tweet Flavored blunt wraps, used to roll tobacco and frequently marijuana, are available at least four Marblehead convenience stores, and are specifically marketed toward teens, Redford says. When North Shore Tobacco Control Officer Joyce Redford approaches a convenience store checkout counter, her eyes look past the barrage of colors of candy, gum packets, lottery tickets, knickknacks and lighters. Instead, she is searching for what she calls ... Jump to full article >>

Worth ban to snuff out smoking lounges

Tweet The quaint smoking lounge seems miles away from its location in a southwest suburban strip mall. Relaxing music is piped through the speakers while the sweet, spicy aroma of flavored tobacco wafts past ornate hookah pipes. In January, the Friends Cafe and Lounge in Worth will be history. Likewise for three other smoker-friendly lounges after the Village Board voted last week to expand the state’s indoor smoking ban to include establis ... Jump to full article >>