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What Are They Waiting For?

Tweet We applauded back in December when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives announced that it was seeking an emergency rule requiring gun dealers near the Mexican border to report multiple purchases of high-power semiautomatic rifles that use a detachable magazine. It looked as if the Obama administration was finally awakening to the urgent need to combat the illegal trafficking of AK-47s and other assault weapons across the ... Jump to full article >>

Hemet truck-torchings believed to be connected to earlier attacks on police

Tweet Four code-enforcement department trucks are burned in the parking lot of City Hall. Investigators suspect gangs are behind the recent campaign of violence against a gang task force. Four code-enforcement trucks were torched in the Hemet City Hall parking lot Tuesday, in a brazen attack that police believe is part of a shadowy but relentless campaign of violence against them. “We are assuming, because of the timing, that this is relate ... Jump to full article >>

Explosives found in Indianapolis home

Tweet Indianapolis police said military-style explosives were found and removed from a local home where a woman’s body had been found. Sgt. Paul Thompson of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said Saturday’s discovery of the explosives inside the home came as officers searched the home via a search warrant, The Indianapolis Star reported Sunday. In addition to multiple firearms, officers discovered 21 military-style 40mm ... Jump to full article >>